Monday, July 23, 2012

#July23 : You can not Erase History but you can learn from it !!

Today is a very special day , we are celebrating for the first time #July 23rd Revolution anniversary under a civilian president rule , today we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Day whose consequences that without doubt changed not only Egypt but the Arab world and Africa in good ways and bad ways.
Ironically in the 60th anniversary , we got huge debate about it.
Free officers in Alex
The founding fathers of July 23
This year We got more voices especially from the Muslim brotherhood and some revolutionary forces like April 6th Youth that demand the cancellation of the day that was beginning of the military rule in Egypt. April 6th Youth can not forget the sad battle of Abassiya I where its member Mohamed Mohsen was killed by a follow citizen after direct incitement by army commanders against the political youth group if you remember. Other activists in Egypt launched a hashtag called #January against July in reference that January revolution is against July coup.
On the other hand we got even more louder voices starting by SCAF that issued official communiqué congratulating the Egyptian people with that glorious day and unofficial statement in its SCAF FB Admin page slamming those who are against the day. The anti-MB team celebrate the day as part of our history including liberals who consider it as the end of liberalism in Egypt from two years ago !!
Internationally it is our official national day , our new civilian president got tons of telegrams from leaders around the globe congratulating him for its 60th anniversary. Of course our new President , who comes from the Muslim brotherhood and despises the July 23rd revolution and Nasser because of the huge prosecution the MB suffered from during then had to deal with it professionally. Morsi can not cancel the day otherwise he will look as if he were a president of one group of the country.

He addressed the public last night where he seemed to be forced to say a speech on that occasion , uninterested and bored.The big irony is that through the agricultural reclamation program to redistribute land on farmers that ended feudalism in Egypt , Mohamed Morsi’s father was able to got two acres in Sharkia and educate his son who became our president later !!
Now here is a set of reactions from different political figures in Egypt that can show you the amount of debate about this day that most Egyptians look to it as a national holiday , nothing more , nothing less. 
I do not think that the January 25th Revolution was against the 23 July Movement or coup or its principles because simply I believe 23 July movement was ended on 5th June 1967 and officially announced dead with the Sadat rule. It even became a legend during the the 30 years of Mubarak who proved to be worse of both Nasser and Sadat combined.
The #Jan25 was against the mistake resulted from that era and the other two eras followed it. It is the big irony of all ironies that after 60 years , the same demands of the #Jan25 are the goals of 23 July movement whether social justice, having a true democratic life, having strong army and having national independence.
Let’s agree on something only in Egypt , the land of pharaohs , the new pharaoh erases the history.So it is not strange that Sadat came and erases the achievements of Nasser focusing on cons only , just like Nasser did before him with Mohamed Ali family and just like Mubarak did after him with all those came before him. Mohamed Morsi will do same because this is Egypt yet history is history, it is well known for those who want to find the truth even after hundreds of years.
I only hope and pray now that in a region and a world begin reshaped so fast that we will be able to achieve 1/2 what July 23th revolution and Nasser achieved when it comes to social justice and African regional policies. I only hope we learn from the mistakes from  July 23th revolution. I only hope we stop hating our history and accept what we are for real.
The French revolution committed horrible mistakes and it took France decades from ups and downs till it became an international power that still celebrates the 14th of July.
I used and I still defend Egypt's Mohamed Ali Family era as part of history and I will defend the 23 July coup that turned in to movement thanks to the media then because a nation with no past got no future. 


  1. I would love to your opinion about Nasser's policies, especially regarding the MB

    1. Nasser prosecuted MB in a very sick way , this is a fact that nobody denied yet despite this prosecution policy , the ideology of MB lived and survived and even flourished years later.
      You can not ideologies with prosecution and suppression , you fight any ideology with counter ideology

  2. Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh has IMHO written the best statement, naming the obvious positive and negative aspects.

    Sandmonkey has also written an interesting Article about the July 23rd revolution. He doesn’t mention the redistribution of land however, showing his liberal (in the European sense) bias:


  3. July 23 1952 was the sad day when Islam was started to be attacked in the Arab World. It was the day when the enemies of Islam starting coming to power one-by-one in all the Arab countries.

    Nowadays their proteges in Syria, the Assads, aere busy burning the whole country, massacring Muslims and shelling Mosques.

    The leaders of the July 23 Revolution were enemies of Islam and murtadeen. Lets not forget how Nasser destroyed the Egyptian Army, by executing or dismissing all the senior officers, then sending 30,000 troops to Yemen to fight a losing war with Saudis.

    Nasser was directly responsible for the 1967 Defeat. He himself admitted as such.

    Lets not forget in 1967 there were 30,000 Egyptian troops in Yemen when they were needed in Sinai. History will not forgive these misguided tyrants,these losers. They were the enemies of Islam and the Prophet, they were enemies of Muslims. However we as Islamists strongly supported the initial July 23 Revolution because we were against Monarchy and against the agent puppet King Farouk. We also supported the Land Reforms of Nasser very strongly.

    SCAF, Tagammu, Nasserites, SDP. all these anti-Islam people can cry and shout as much as they want, Egypt is on the road to becoming Islamic and soon we the Egyptian Army will become an Islamic Army, losers, do whatever you can, Egypt is Islam and thats all, even Tantawi cannot do anything about it.

    Those Egyptians who do not like Islam, can start buying their one-way ticket to Russia or Iran.


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