Sunday, July 29, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-9

And here is the 411th night of our Arabian night but first you can refresh your memory and remember for what happened last night here.

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Scheherazade and Shahryar

Second , you can listen to the 9th night of our interesting “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama” tale here 

And Hagar has been transferred to the Jinn’s village after killing one of them , he is freaking out of course after seeing the strangest creatures from Jinn with strange eyes, tails and horns. Now in front of the Jinn’s king , Hagar is being told that he killed his “Qareen”. Of course you do not need to guess that the cat that he threw away last night was actually his Jinn “Qareen”

Now this interesting because the “Qareen” is from the disputed characters in Islam and Arab culture in general. It is widely belief that it is the human’s Jinn evil twin that can posse him in some times and encourage him to do evil stuff. The “Qareen” is old in our Egyptian/Arab/Culture and I think it exist in several cultures across the world as well. You can read more about it here from Arabic wikipedia. “Qareen” refers to a friend and a companion in Arabic.

Back to Hagar who is going to die in the King of Jinn’s court from fear , at the same he was being confronted by the crime he did not know that he committed in a very scary mood , his strange companion shows up alive. Oddly enough his companion’s name is Sahar !! The companion is the one who informed him that his beloved Sahar was kidnapped.

Things got stranger when the Jinn companion tells Hagar that his fiancée is named Hagar too. We know from that companion that for every baby boy in the humans , there will be a girl Qareen like a sister for him in the Jinn world and vice versa for the baby girl in the humans world. Thus Human Hagar got a sister Qareen called Hagar and Jinn Sahar is a brother Qareen to human Sahar. We knew that there is parallel world in the Jinn universe equal to th human world with wars and fights and so. Jinn Hagar , the love of Jinn Sahar was kidnapped.
Anyhow Jinn Sahar tells human Hagar to get some sleep because tomorrow morning he should head to King Kaood’s and play his lute , the lute will allegedly protect him.
Back to the human world and the castle of King Kaood , we found out that Sahar got an alley , her torturer auntie “Shabshab” aka Slippers who told her that many things can change in a day and night. She convinced her that she would go with guards to the Seksek place and her beloved Hagar will save her.  

Speaking about magic, Shuhuzade is back with her riddles to her hubby and it seems that the royal court’s belly dancer Samia wants to get rid of her in order to marry the king , thus she put a spell on the King’s apple. After taking couple of bites , the king sees Shuhuzade as monkey and was on the verge of order Masurur , his executioner to chop off her head but likely Shushu tells him a riddle which I do not know its answer !!

Till we meet tomorrow night inshallah 

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