Sunday, July 29, 2012

They Do not represent you but they Represent US !!!

The world watched from two days by great honor for the first time how Saudi women athletes walked for the first time representing their country in the opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympics in a big historical triumph for the women’s rights in the country that does not let women drive the cars !!
Now these beautiful and brave women athletes are being attacking madly and disgustingly by radicals in their own country in a very sick way that have reached that have reached to calling them whores !!
Last week we found some sick Saudi man posting a twitter hashtag in Arabic called “Olympics_Whores” which he had to apologize for after being attacked online.
Now other radicals in the Kingdom have launched today another sick hashtag in Arabic called “Those Saudi girls in the Olympics do not represent me” started by a man called Khaled Al Saqabi last night attacking those girls once again !! How dare they participate in running in front of men !!!

Strangely those girls are modest enough and wear veil !!
Is not it enough that one of them may withdraw because she can not compete in Hijab , now they are being attacking for participating in the Olympics by Saudis once again !!!? Is not enough that all world delegation made women in the advance except Saudi Arabia !?
Sarah Attar in the countries' parade

Wajdan Seraj
Of course I am proud that our Egyptian tweeps are attacking those radicals.
As a Muslim and as an Arab , as a woman these ladies represent me Zeinobia , the Egyptian. These Saudi athletes may not get medals but they broke a taboo and prove that Saudi women can compete in the Olympics.
BY the way I am so proud that Ibtihaj Mohamed , the African American fencer is representing the USA in the Sabre fencing competition. 
Ibtihaj Mohamed , Sarah Attar and Dina Mashraf are actually true granddaughters of Aisha and Asmaa not bunch of sissies sitting on their asses trolling people online !! These girls represent Islam and Muslims for real.


  1. thank you for your post

  2. Religous radicals throughout the world would do well to spend more time examining their own conduct and less time judging the behavior of others.

  3. Funny that Saudi Men are attacking women for going to olympic ..
    how about the Saudi MEN who are leaving their wife , kids and traveling to EGYPT or other european countries for SEX , sleeping with whores..
    under our eyes and behind the back of the ones who are staying home to raise the kids and go to mosque ..
    did ISLAM allow them to do so ? NO , but they do it anyway and no one is talking about it ..or confront them on public ..
    yes ..because they are MEN ..
    well..GOD is watching ..

    1. !00% agree. The Saudi salafi all they see in Islam is a) Beards, b) Women wearing higab/niquab , c) Not drinking alchol (in Saudi Arabia or in front of commn Arabs) and maybe not eat porks.. That's it... they can have sex with whores, with Boys (in.or out of Saudi Arabia), Hate, Lie, kill, It doesn.t matter because those are ten comandments instructions, not what the Imam said.I don't know when would this generation of muslims wake up God help them and protect them from the blindness of the Salafis

  4. just a lil bit opinion from me, im just sicked reading those comments above, i dont know what your religion tells you, but is there no exception for that? if women in saudi cannnot compete in the olympic due to some issues the why dont you send your men out there instead of making there ass fat. its modern world now, men and women are all equal now, time to open up, Arab women are all beautifuls so why hide them... arasooo!!

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