Sunday, July 8, 2012

This is political maturity in wrong time

Revolution Youth coalition held their final press conference yesterday in Sakia El Sawy in Cairo to announce officially the disbanding of the coalition that already did not exist for months in the real world.

Aside from the emotional goodbye coalition speech the representatives of the political powers said , the RYC did something that has not been done before in the Egyptian politics arena : Presenting A political audit for what the Revolution Youth coalition did since it came to life.

It was a real political maturity move to present political audit for what you did as a political power to the public.


The political audit included the relation of the RYC with SCAF and intelligence as well the government , the relation of RYC with other political powers and movements and their position from parliamentary and presidential elections.

RYC officially met with SCAF twice in February and March 2011 then its members decided to boycott SCAF meetings after the clashes of April 8th sit in. The RYC also officially met with the intelligence once in November 2011. 

Now it is worth to say that some members of the RYC individually had more meeting with SCAF as representatives of their powers and themselves and not as representatives of RYC. The RYC also spoke about their relation with the government of Essam Sharaf and their role with the public diplomacy delegations to Ethiopia.

The members of RYC mentioned in their audit that some criticized them for cutting all the communications with the state and that they should have left some channels one. Well from political point of view , this is true. They should have left some channels but let’s agree on something again there are some members in the RYC who had these channels but for their own powers only not for the RYC.

The RYC admitted that they made a huge mistake when they turned the RYC in to an exclusive club closing its memberships in front of other political powers in Egypt except their friends only. It was a good sign.

Now to the elections. The RYC admitted that its members did a huge mistake when they were divided in to teams between Revolution continues electoral coalition “Big failure” and Egyptian Bloc electoral coalition “another failure” when they had to be in one electoral coalition during the presidential elections.

Another failure was during the presidential elections when they were divided once between Abu El Fotouh , Hamdeen, President council and boycotting !! Of course personally I do not believe it was their mistake only thought as it was the mistake of every political power in Egypt.

In the end the RYC members apologized if they mistakenly spoke on behalf of the revolution as if they owned it.

ElBaradei , Abu El Fotouh and Hamdeen sent speeches to celebrating the dying the coalition in nice words praising the attempts of the RYC to unite the political powers in Egypt. Unfortunately Shady El Gahzli Harb read ElBaradei’s speech while former MP Bassem Kamel , that represented ElBaradei support campaign in the RYC read Hamdeen Sabbahi’s speech !! Also I do not understand if Islam Lotfy

The biggest thing the RYC members forget to include in their statement was a confession that they were political immature , it was too late of course.  There is another mistake I highly doubt that they will admit : How the lights of the media attracted them madly !!

The only thing aside from the political audit statement they represented and was interesting : a little stray cat that joined the RYC members their farewell presser.

In the end after 24 hours the official Revolution Youth Coalition’s official Facebook is going to be closed to put a very symbolic end to a coalition that once held a responsibility bigger than itself.

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  1. Anon:
    One other possibility of the RYC closing is the money supliers from (UAE, Quatar, & Saudi Arabia) finished with their objective with Egypt Younsgs and moved to Egypt power(President), and now they are moving to Sudan and Syria. Of course >90% of the RYC don't know. I wish a new RYC would develop with healthy , educated "questioning attitude" to the political power developing in the region. Show politicians that there are yardsticks to measure their success or failure, other than loud empty speaches, and use of religion.


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