Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breaking News : Morsi orders the return of the people’s assembly

MENA has officially announced that president Mohamed Morsi has issued a decree to reinstate the People’s assembly and calling for the return of its session starting from Monday adding that there will be new parliamentary election within 60 days after approving a new constitution.
This is 11th decree issued by the new elected president and it is by the most important one and God knows the implications of such decision for real.
Now there are interesting points regarding this decree : 
  • Officially the Parliament will hold its first session tomorrow but ironically according to the law this is the time of its summer vacation !!
  • The Constitutional declaration annex issued by SCAF says the parliamentary elections to be held within a month after approving the new drafted constitution !! 
  • The good thing we are going to have an interim parliament. 
  • According to some experts the presidential decree cancels the decision of SCAF to disband the people's assembly and is not against the court's rule 
A copy from the presidential decree
I do not know or understand anything so far, already I have been trying to understand its implications and whether it was right from legal point of view or not but I found it very hard when constitutional law experts seemed to be divided between a team that supports the decree and another team that opposes the decree. The problem is there are respectable names in both teams.
Most of the media is against the decree already but we should not forget that the media can not stomach the new president or his group.

SCAF finished its a meeting to discuss the new presidential decree but the Freedom and Justice members like Essam El Arian are praising the army. It is expected that they will issue a statement tomorrow
The Supreme constitutional court will hold a meeting tomorrow for its general assembly to discuss the decree of the president. The SCC judges are angry.
By the way a friend of mine met one of the controversial MPs from couple of days ago who told him that the parliament will be back this week.
The Egyptian Social democratic party is going to boycott the parliament !!
Those against the presidential decree began to connect between its timing and the visit of William Burns, the US deputy Secretary of State to Cairo and his meeting with Morsi. Burns as well US ambassador in Cairo spoke in statements in the past 48 hours about the importance of the elected parliament. But to be honest people tend to forget that Morsi promised in his speech at Cairo university that the people's assembly will return back to do its legislative role.
Now here is quick reactions online from politicians and MPs about the matter.

Personally I have been labelled Mubarak's regime supporter and one of the Salafists on twitter wondered since when I had been with the revolution just because I was retweeting tweets opposing to their views.
I am with and against the decree of Morsi because the decree of SCAF to disband the democratically elected parliament despite how disfigured was completely wrong but on the other hand I am worried about that this violation against the judicial authority.
It is a political conflict actually between Muslim brotherhood and SCAF over power where the future of the country is just like a football between the two.
I will not forget easily on how Al Nour Party "Salafists" wants to cancel the Supreme Constitutional court. 


  1. Does anyone even really care about our country and its people? Power grabbing greed is coming from all sides but I have to say the NDP was nothing compared to this! What a shame considering the last few weeks people have been coming to terms with the situation and even some of the "anti" voices were willing to give the situation a chance... now Morsi & his puppeteers have effectively split the country and showed disdain for it's constitution and moreover its people. Stability is so far off now I doubt we'll ever see it, we're back where we started and going backwards.

  2. No it's called democracy and the will of the people.
    Egypt will be just fine.
    SCAF are just trying to figure out a safe exit and as a nation and as people who love Egypt and our future the plot to split the army and the people by outsiders has failed thank God.

    Egypt will be like Turkey and the mission now is to remove all remnants of Mubarak regime so we can go ahead. The MB is not the bogeyman.
    Thats just what the foreigners and media want you to believe like they did about Saddam and Bin Laden and look how both of those ended up!
    Egyptians are smarter and wont fall for their tricks!
    MB all the way to a safe and secure economy inshallah and by our help.

    1. Anon:
      "MB all the way to a safe and secure economy inshallah..."
      mmm.. would the MB protect women in Egypt Cities walking waring without scarf without being abused verbally, and physically? would they charge abusers?. The MB playing the role Egypt opposing characters/power/enemies want. to drive the country decades back, because that way it is safe. like Packistan, Aphganistan, ....etc.

    2. Democracy ... a Presidential decree against the Constitutional Court to reinstate a biased and most un-democratically elected parliament ... ha, democracy you say!!! "Egypt will be like Turkey", that's a dream that will NEVER happen, you need to do a bit of reading and see how it works over there. The Mubarak regime is now the bogeyman that the MB hold up to scare the people, shame on them for using this!! MB all the way if you want a pure dictatorship 100 times worse than the last 30 years and to take it backwards whilst lining the pockets yet again of those that rule ... Egypt doesn't have a presidency, it has a face that represents a party that is greedy and wishes to dominate everything ... sound familiar???

      Heads need to come out of the sand and eyes need to open before this wonderful country of ours can start to recover.

  3. Surely, that is just only the beginning . Expect more things from a puppet president, who obays just only the orders of his general murshid. I think the glory Egyptian 25 Jan. revolution was aimimg at a democratic system and not a facist one. Mursi as a reservist with Al Shater as his prime and the senat of the unmoslim brotherhood are the real power holders. Do not beleive they are going to give this power anytime. Rememeber their Saleh and his Act of forbidding demos. Egypt will gain the fruit of the Battle of voting boxes.May Allah bless Egypt and the virtious Egyptians and to the hell with those who misuse Islam for their dirty businesss!

  4. Ahavat Eretz Israel7/09/2012 04:52:00 PM

    There can be only one answer: Impeachment! Morsy blatantly violated the Constitution of Egypt (or what's left of it) and showed his disrespect to the highest judiciary authority. His days in office are numbered.

  5. You are absolutely right. Impeachment must be the consequence of this act of piracy.


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