Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breaking : Morsi cancels the constitutional declaration Annex

Ok more presidential decrees no one expected just an hour before breakfast.
President Mohamed Morsi has just cancelled the constitutional declaration annex issued by SCAF to restore his full powers as the President of State. Now Morsi got the same powers of Mubarak technically.
He also appointed judge Ahmed Mekky , the member of constituent assembly “close to Islamists” and the famous reformist judge as his vice president. "I knew that he could not appoint someone with bigger charisma like Abu El Fotouh”
The presidential decrees did not stop at that because much important decrees are :
  • Forcing Field Marshal Tantawy , the minister of defense and head of SCAF and Sami Anan , the chief of staff in the Egyptian armed forces in to retirement.
  • Appointing General Abdel Fatah El Sissy as the minister of defense and General commander of the Egyptian armed forces."The commander of military intelligence"
  • Appointing General Sadky Sobhy as the chief of staff of the armed forces. “The commander of third army”
  • Appointing Major General Mohamed El Assar as the minister of defense assistant
  • Appointing General Mohab Mamish as the CEO of Suez Canal authority. “Morsi held a meeting with the former CEO of SCA yesterday’s night as far as I know”
This is the biggest military reshuffle ever. Unfortunately I will not be able to comment now as I am heading to some old friends reunion Iftar after less than 1/2 hour and I have not even get dressed yet !!
Quickly , it is quick safe exist which the generals hinted before about “Tantawy’s retirement”. The scary part is that we do not have a constitution and Morsi got a Godlike powers just like Mubarak. It is amicable reshuffle by the approval and blessings of the generals. In fact these appointments are by their recommendations in nutshell.
At the time being you can check this Who is who in SCAF post I made from a year ago.
Update : 
Ok Mohamed El Assar is the US man in Cairo , this reshuffle got the American blessing without doubt. The Muslim brotherhood and their Youth are crazy tonight with their victory ,the old regime supporters and Anti-MB fraction are stunned , shocked and afraid from the future. There are lots of rumors now about the fate of Tantawy and Anan , whether they did not know or did know or whether they are under house arrest or not. 


  1. No surprise, MB is executing the plan set for them, they are more effeicient tools than the old Mubarak regime. The plan is to inject chaos in the middle east to help divide the Middle East into smaller, conflicying, oppsing eac other entities. Keep sleeping and wake up 2 yrs from now and remember my words.

    1. what twaddle anon! The master plan of the global muslim brotherhood is to divide the region into conflicting entities and sow chaos!!! Are you confusing Israel and US with the MB or are you just plain crazy?

    2. No I am not crazy, you probably don't do much reasearch. The MB is part of the game since its creation in the thirties. It acts as if it is opposition (but in reality it is like Soap Opera), similar role is played by Hamas since its creation, keep Fateh & Hamas fighting and the so called common enemy watching. You want to believe in the simple message, this will be 'latifa for them '.

    3. Human beings are always in conflict. It's always best to assume conflicts between factions occur because of human nature, rather than a large century long conspiracy. :/

    4. It is fine to have clear individual, or good record party conflicting opinions about what is best for the country. That is much different than devious entities "FUNDED" by outside powers(military/ $). MB, Hamas, are good examples). Wehere their funding came from during the revolutionary/uprisings in Egypt ?.

    5. Interesting question; what is the MB official position on Freemasonary in Egypt & ME in general?

  2. Zeinobia can you dig out more information regarding General Abdel Fatah Sissi ? What information do you have regarding his CV / Bio ?

  3. Is this a reshuffle from within the ranks of the army? That is not Morsy's doing for sure. Army is now in power since 60 years. I cannot and do not believe for a second that the army will roll over so easily.

  4. Extra-constitutional appointments. How can these be either legal or legitimate?


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