Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kodak Agfa Presents Khan Al Khalili and Al Hussein Ramadan 2012

And here is Kodak Agfa’s latest productions in Ramadan 2012: Kkan Al Khalili and Al Hussein in Ramadan 2012.
Khan Al Khalili-Ramadan 2012

It was a very short visit to the famous Khan Al Khalili market and Al Hussein quarter in Ramadan thanks to being invited to a breakfast at the Khan Al Khalili and Naguib Mahfouz Cafe and restaurant. “Highly recommended”
It was a great opportunity to sit for a while at the famous El Fishawy cafe for a couple of minutes, unfortunately, it was crowded, noisy and full of street vendors who are insisting that they should buy from them.
Here is my favourite photo.
Inside Egypt's Khan Al-Khalili Market
Inside Bab El-Ghouri in Cairo's Khan El-Khalili 
One scene spoiled it was a scene of a little Egyptian kid begging for money from a foreign kid coming with her tourist parents at Fishawy cafe,  she told him that she got no money before the waiters would kick him out.


  1. We've been there many times, but I'm not much of a shopper. I prefer to sit at one of the outdoor cafes, have a cold drink and just watch all the people go by.

  2. Egyptian House of Pancakes just by the entrance to Khan. It's expensive but the fiteer is really excellent.


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