Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Eid Prayer 2012

Today is the first day from the 3 days of Eid El Fitr. I do not feel like posting any serious stuff to be honest , so I will keep it light those 3 days unless anything serious takes place. “Hopefully not”
So here are couple of interesting scenes from today’s Eid prayer.
Women praying "Reuters"
Morsi prayed publicly in Amr Ibn El As mosque, Cairo’s oldest and biggest mosques in a scene that we have missed for decades. Nasser and Sadat used to pray with the public in various mosques across Cairo and in the governorates unlike Mubarak who used to pray in army mosques at back row.
Morsi Praying "AP"
The rivalry between the MB and Salafists is still over which group would control the praying spaces and mosques in the Eid. The MB won this Eid. Many expressed their dismay from how the MB is trying to use the religious event to promote for its political party Freedom and Justice.
BY the way after decades the famous Mohamed Ali Mosque was opened for Eid prayers.
Eid prayer in Mohamed Ali Mosque "Reuters"
In North Sinai, Al Arish a Salafist Sheikh addressed the the people in the prayer speaking about the importance to cooperate with authorities to fight terrorism in the Eid’s speech.
Al Arish Eid prayer in a a stadium "AP"
Happy Eid everybody.
A kid scared from Republican guards "Reuters"

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