Monday, August 20, 2012

Aswan from 100 years ago in color

Here is a very rare footage shot in Aswan in year 1911 “year from 100 years ago” using the Kinemacolor technique.

An amazing footage by all measures. I can not ignore the huge poverty people used to live in then.

You can check the clips I shot in Aswan in early 2012 after 100 years  here.

Thanks to Ahmed El Llozy for this treasure clip.

Now as we are living these little nostalgic moods , I recommend that you read this amazing piece about the famous and historical Groppi restaurant and Cafe from the Newsweek by Vivian Salama. I am happy that the Groppi clan is still thinking of returning back to Egypt to reopen new set of cafes as it was said in the end of the feature. I really wish they would return back , already from economic point of view there is rapid increase in the foreign cafes and restaurants in Cairo now especially with the increase of fancy malls. Chains like Paul and La Gourmandise are opening now several branches throughout Cairo and Giza as well Alexandria catering to high and Upper middle class successfully.I do not need to speak about Cilantro or Costa or Beno’s huge success among the middle class.

I hope that the Groppis return back to Egypt.


  1. very beautiful ya Zeinab ... some of the people in the video seem to be from other parts of Sudan (the hair styles and the dancing are very much from Kordofan)... I'll share within Sudanese groups and may let you know what's the reaction:)

  2. Thanks for posting, it was wonderful to see something this old.

  3. It seems that black and white photos or films hide half of the truth.

  4. Thank you for posting ya Zeinobia. It's amazing to see a film this old in color. Being a tourist in Egypt back then must have been very challenging.

  5. No it's not Kordofani folklore, they're all Nubians.

    It's disingenuous to write about poverty in Nubia without objectively revisiting the tragedy of the High Dam and its effect on Nubians.


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