Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#EndSH : The Eid beasts are back !!

The Eid beasts are back and in the past 48 hours, there was a sad rapid increase in sexual harassment in Cairo especially in public gardens and busy streets.
The Eid beasts "Al Masry Al Youm"
The Eid beasts "Al Masry Al Youm"
This year you can not ignore the fact we got a new kind of harassers, 10 years old harassers who chase girls to grope them imitating the older harassers in the dirtiest way ever despite I do not think that a 10 years old boy think about sex in that age but rather football and video games !!
Young victims and young harassers
Young victims and young harassers 
Both the ages of the victims and harassers are decreasing year after a year !!!
It is like children now jumping into the sexual harassment wagons. These boys will grow up into a time bomb without a doubt.

These girls in the videos and photos are younger than usual too !! I bet most of them did not reach to the age of college already !!!
I will not ignore the fact from the photos, footage and video clips take this Eid those harassing kids seemed to be from the working class and lower middle class. I am not judging, I am trying to analyze the scene.

Kids harassing kids, I think there are not much role models anymore especially with what you represent for them in the media from violence against women and glorification the sexual harassment in drama and music !! Adel Emam and Tamer Hosni anyone !?

Now strangely we did not have this amount of sexual harassments in Eids last year when I remember it compared to this year.
Of course, some MB boys will say that this is another conspiracy by the former regime and military to sabotage the progress of President Morsi !!

Shamefully and unfortunately the Islamist youth from Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists are justifying the sexual harassment not to mention encourage in order to force the women into modesty, Hijab and Niqab !! “Despite the majority of Egyptian women are veiled and most of them are harassed”

Supporting these actions may force the women to reconsider their appearance and actions in their point of view. Of course, they justify these actions because women and girls are not committed to the modesty in their point of view !!

Already we got now posts on Twitter and Facebook that rape rate in the West is higher than the Arab and Muslim world ignoring the fact women in the Arab world do not like to report sexual violence and harassment to the police for fear of scandal.
Here is an example of comments on Facebook
A comment
Girls deserve it for what they wear
I do not think that this will help in stopping sexual harassment epidemic. Sadly stopping harm in the road is from the teachings of Islam and I believe it is important just like women’s modesty.


  1. This behaviour is absolutely disgusting, reflecting not only on males, but society as a whole where such is seen as commonplace!
    How tragic that this is Volume2, following last years Volume1!

  2. All you human rights "activists", are trying to find a "reason" for such behavior. There is no reason. It is a lack of respect to force women off the streets and out of public life. Egypt became more "religious" only in appearance but morals and ethics are down the toilet.

    The only way to deal with these people is public beatings, castration, and humiliation of anyone who harasses. Until that happens, no amount of "education" or awareness will solve it.

    Place your bets on a woman soon going to kill a man for such behavior.

  3. And Islamic "scholars" consider Egypt more religious now in the 21st century compared to Nasser &Sadat time, since almost all Egyptian females wear Higab/Niquab (by their choice or mostly the male choices) and the males grow beards and print zebiba hehehe !!!!.Soon enough , raped girls would be charged, lashed and put in Jail (like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan & Aphganistan)!!.
    What happened in this picture is considered crime in the west and those (kids or older) would be arrested and charged. I tell you Zeinobia during Nasser & early Sadat time girls walk on the street wearing minskirts and mostly got nothing out of some visual notes and maybe joked remarks , and after few years those comments became rare.. NO touching ..period.
    What do they they teach parents to teach their kids !! ???

    I agree with Rupert' remarks . This is absolutely digusting!

  4. I think Egypt is waiting for Huda Sharawi spirit to encompass a corageous egyptian girl to revive respects for women in the 21st century.

  5. Such behavior from this age is not new to the Egyptian streets, actually I saw it myself more than 10 years ago from a kid who can not be more than 8 years old. it just got epidemic because they have nothing to fear, no punishment.

    Police should be alert during feast, but can you see anyone?!!!!!!

  6. I bet that if every Egyptian woman removed the veil tomorrow and walked down the street like they did 50 years ago there would be no sexual harrassment. Women have done this to themselves by allowing men to consider them worthy of harrassment if they are not covered head to foot. The fact that most Egyptian women wear lingerie type clothing on top of Carina tight nylon tops that show the nipples and wear tight jeans and huge belts to take the attention to the groin area also does not help. Most women in Egypt AND I am a woman! wear provocative slutty type clothing where the emphasis is on as sparkly, as gaudy, as tight, looking like Christmas trees, then have the nerve to ear a veil on top of it is totall;y hypocritical and meaningless. I am a women and they styles I see walking down the street as like what prostitutes would wear in Hamburg!!
    Tight skinny jeans, huge belt with buckle at the groin, cheap plastic knee high gaudy coloured boots that transexual would wear in a show in Soho, and the very strange concept of wearing backless, strappy, thing revealing lingerie ON TOP of the thinnest nylon Carina top not only looks like a fruit salad but the men cannot help but be attracted to it because the colours and styl;es are so outrageous you'd have to be blind not to notice them. I saw a girl at the market not so long ago, she was about 15 and was wearing orange! plastic boots up over her knees, black thick tights, a brown mini skirt that barely covered her crotch, a beige Carina top and a tiny waistcoat showing her bra line at the back down to the waistline of the skirt! ON TOP she wore the veil which was Gulf style with eye make up like Cleopatra! I stopped her and asked her if she was a Muslim as it was right outside the mosque near the market. She replies yes thinking I wanted to know something about Islam. I then asked her why was she wearing a veil when she looked like a London prostitute? Her little group of friends all started to giggle and as I kept my face straight waiting for her answer they then fell silent. They and her had no reply.

    1. Where were you 50 years ago ? I was born in Egypt in the 1940s and I can tell you most Egyptian women have been veiled since a long time, the only difference was that 50 years ago very few Egyptian women ventured out in the streets, not even to go shopping. Only the few working women, mostly educated, westernized working white-collar jobs, could be seen on the streets and as you can guess most women of this social group wree unveiled.

    2. You're 100% correctin in your assessment. I am expat who lives in the states, and when higab/niquab started to become issue "distinguishing good muslim women" in the eyes of naive muslim male observers, I asked one of them why? he said it is sign of 'modesties' !! just few days later I saw Pakistani girl on the subway wearing (Tight..tight jeans ) showing her naked shape, wearing higab and stayed for over 15 minutes putting/adjusting make-up and looking in a mirror at hand. Does that blend with modesity???. and I started to track the like of her and found many comit envies, frauds,stealing .. but consider themselves good muslims because they wore higab/niqab. If Egypt want to keep this simple mindness , ...Good for their competitors/enemies...since that is sign of moving backward at high speed.

    3. In reply to Anon who claims unveilled Egyptian girls were minority 40-50 yrs ago , girls I was at Cairo univ. in the late sixties, we had good number of girls and most of them wore mini-to-regular height skirts, some wore maxi, and only one girl wore scarf(after 2-3 yrs she removed it on her own). Mid-to-low income areas in Cairo had mix of women weraing higab, some mini and some regular, No such actioons in the disgusting video.
      Furthermore, what did Egyptian movies showed? Reflection of the society mix described above. Egypt, since the begining of the 21 century is living in a big lie sponsered by Saudis. BTW ask around what did saudi women wear then when travelled to Europe to shop!!?? No higab, most fashionable cloths, and when boarding the airplane to home they put the higab!! wake up people.

    4. There's nothing modest in the way so many Egyptian women dress. The hijab is not for modesty but probably so they don't have to worry about their hair needing washing. Just look around Cairo and the strange phenomenon of women and girls putting their underwear on top of the clothes is without a doubt only to attract male attention. Why else would they wear bikini type tops on top of those thin nylon vest things they all seem to be wearing? The women who hide their underwear on a washing line so no one sees it is the same women who wears it on TOP of those nylon tops out in the streets. I gave up trying to figure out Egyptian brains and mentality a long time ago. It's a world of pure contradictions and hypocrisy.

  7. Treat this as a crime and have police enforce the law coupled with public education in schools, media, etc is the only effective method to change this primitive behavior.

    1. The problem is the parents. If the father throws his Twinky wrapper out the car window and the mother steals items from the store and hides it under her niqab ( yes I have seen that 3 times happening in stores! ) then what do you expect the kids to be like growing up!

      Morals just dont seem to matter at all. Hygiene and basic manners are sadly missing. When the average women has no clue how to keep her house clean and her maid thinks the way to wash windows is to throw a bucket of water over them to the street below. When they use maids from villages as nothing more than cleaners and supervisors for their wild kids while they the mothers sit glued to the TV screen all day long. God help Egypt. What happened to Egypt! How did it sink so low! Any other country if this happened the men!!! and I say MEN!! would have beaten the shit out of those boys and that would be AFTER the girls themselves beat the shit out of them! They would then be frogmarched to the nearest police station and court. But in Egypt what? NOTHING!! Fractured society. Seems that Egyptians think that reciting the Koran is the biggest achievement they can get. Shame they don't understand a word of it as they recite it to their families and imams.

    2. Primitive is the right word.

      Not only in the low and middle classes either.

      Often the wealthy and educated are even more primitive in behaviour.

  8. Last response seems the most logical. Treat it like a crime, public harressment, subject to at least a fine. The parents will really get on the boys if they have to pay for their child's bad behaviors.

  9. As someone pointed out in a similar posting one time, in the US and most places in the world, grabbing ass and boobs as these guys are doing is not considered sexual harassment but sexual assault. Quite a serious crime.

    In the US the girls could carry handguns if they were old enough. In most US states anyone can carry a Taser, no license needed. Are women at least allowed to carry mace or capsicum spray in Egypt? In the old days Western ladies fastened their hats to their hair with deadly hatpins. There is no reason to put up with this crap. Fight back, ladies.

    1. It's not so simple because you would have to see and know how Egyptian women deal with this kind of thing. Basically from every time I have seen it is they respond this way if for instance a man touched them.

      The woman shrugs the touch off and puts her head down and walk on. She doesn't confront the man, doesn't scream, doesn't protest, doesn't ask for help. She merely walk on and you would be able to see it if the photos posted were videos. It's this very strange behaviour that women from the rest of the world find hard to understand. Most women would turn and face the man who touched them and shout and draw attention to the fact. In Egypt the women just walk on as if it never happened. If boys call an insult to girls walking in the street you would almost never see the girl react in a way Western women would. This is the problem I feel. The men do it and know they will get no reaction.

    2. Check these out. The "triple action" products are the best. Anyone hit in the face with that will never grope again. It combines capsaicin (hot pepper oil), orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS tear gas), and invisible UV dye so that the culprit can be identified.

    3. @Jason
      Dare to tell us about the sexual offence you were charged with a few years ago!

    4. @Jason;
      This spray idea is potentially dangerous in creating big legal mess. Check this scenario: Two men hate each other for one or more reasons, one of them can hire a girl to play a fake story and spray the other guy, that would that make sexual harrasser ( by default!!), and soon enough Egyptians will carry guns to protect themselves!! The best option if a girl was harassed, on busy street (like most egyptian roads), she should loudly object, ask for help, even take pictures...Just a thought..

    5. @Anonymous 8/25/2012 12:45:00 PM: That was consensual. Your Mom was begging for it.

      @Anonymous 8/25/2012 03:46:00 PM: If there are no witnesses then objecting loudly will be of no help, and the use of spray also may get her in trouble, because the groper may claim it was unprovoked. A bad situation with no good answers. But in the cases depicted in this post, there are lots of witnesses. You seem to think that the groper will be embarrassed by a loud objection. That is not clear. If he had a conscience he wouldn't be groping ladies in public places. Mace is a deterrent that doesn't depend on his having a conscience. And with witnesses to the groping the ladies won't get in trouble for using Mace.

    6. @Jason
      Is that the best you got?
      Then tell us the reason you were expelled from your job smart ass!

  10. good idea Jason. I don't know if Pepper Spray is available in Egypt, but you'd think so, everyone imports from China these days. Egypt is no exception. Pepper spray those thugs, they'll not touch you again, just be sure to turn your own head so not to breathe this stuff, it's awful!

  11. I agree, it should be treated as a crime and the police should arrest and at least fine these people. If they are young then the parents should have to pay the fine. Perhaps then they would educate them as to proper behavior.

  12. Do religious "Imam, Mullah, Sheikh.. etc." ever commented on this kind of behaviour and tried to teach parents what to do??
    If somebody have been noticed sitting eating/drinking in an Open Restaurant in Ramadan you will and see hear lot of nasty comments. !! While for this videoed event 'No Comments". Does this make sense to Egyptian minds??? If so, you got what you paid for.

    1. it's not only the kids who do this though. Middle aged men will touch women or whisper in their ear fucky fucky as has happened to me thousands of times. You can be sure that when ever it happened to me the whole street knew about it and he ran with his tail between his legs in humiliation.
      I agree the Egyptian women are different. They dont do anything and walk past the harrasser. I have no idea what goes on in their minds but for most women they would fight back and most men around would also give the guy a severe beating but Egyptian men wouldn't. It's very sad and strange to watch.

    2. Too much emphasis on religion and modesty actually makes the population obsessed by sex. Even very young children in Muslim countries are very sexually aware long before they should be. You know something is badly wrong when Egyptians feel the need to hide underwear on washing lines to dry when in any other country no one would give it a second glance. It's like an obession. I was at the pyramids yesterday and I had to laugh at the Egyptian women walking around. There where quite a few tourist groups and a lot of young women in shorts and not one of them had for sure sex on their mind as they wandered about. The Egyptian women and men had their eyes glued to the shorts and where saying all kinds of insults about the women in shorts. YET they were the ones dressed in their hijabs with the tightest clothing and big jewellery, and frills and beads swinging from the breast area and wearing wearing what someone said earlier the weird fashion of lingerie on TOP of their clothing.
      I had to laugh but felt sad at the same time with their obsession with sex. It's a national obsession and the kids are the same and that is why we see what we do. Girls in shorts walking down the streets in Europe will get no attention at all BUT in Egypt it's like all they can think about.

      Until the parents stop the obsessive sex thing and see everything in a sexual way then the kids will do the same sadly.

    3. Inshallah soon President Morsy will pass an ordinance to ban all food restaurants from serving food during Ramadan in daytime.

      Islam is the Solution.

    4. see typical Egyptian mans remark on a very serious subject!! There is no hope at all for Egypt!

      Seems like the car fumes poisoned the brains of Egyptians : (

    5. No Islam has poisoned the brains of Egyptians

    6. Not simply Islam that poisoned the brains of Egyptians, but rather Islam wrapped in Saudi money!!!.Saudi money fabricated many so called "scholars" to teach Egyptians how to live ignorant happily ever after. And by controlling Egyptians minds that way , they controlled the arab world by default. How many rape stories (maid women & boys)you hear about in Saudi Arabia? but of course since they grew beards, their woomen & daughters covered, they consider themselves religious.. he he..

  13. MODESTY of MEN!!!!

    the problem ist there is no modesty of men!
    you can not control the male sexuality if you vanish the female!
    a woman in a burqua gets more raped than a woman in a dress with open hair!
    because moslem men do not learn self responsibility.
    so they can misbehave and always the women is guilty.
    the consequences are that these men never grow up and can turned out even as rapists. (a lot women in saudi arabia get raped especially the house maid!!! this is a matter of fact)
    no social sanctions no good behavior
    its very simple
    start to talk about the modesty of men!
    or why moslem men are allowed to behave like gratis whores?
    and that the men can not control himself is a lie!
    so they dont have to take responsibilities for themselves!
    the hypersexualisation of men is a result of the phallus narcism not because of the existence of women!
    men would like to behave like a whore but is calling the woman as a whore. of course its called projection! he is hating her because he is sexually depend on her. his manhood gets questioned in its fundament! so he is attacking her for punishment.
    sexual violence is about sexual power!!
    there are nature folks where the women are the whole day naked!
    just ask youself why men are allowed to behave like a whore?
    not even a whore they are even allowed to sexual harass to abuse even to rape a woman and still the society is giving the woman the fault!
    and then to society wonders why this is happening....
    such blindness is stupidity.
    men are doing this because they are allowed to!

  14. Um, advice.
    1) i tried literally everything and every way of dressing and only hitting works. For some reason, men who do this always run away if you hit - it doesn't seem to matter who you hit, you just need to lash out. I don't like doing it but it is the only thing that works.
    2) Yell as loud as humanly possible and back away/run away at the same time. They will instinctively back off briefly - it's an animal reaction that kicks in.

    The one good thing is that it's in daylight - here it would be at night or a gang and terrifying because it's a crime.


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