Saturday, August 4, 2012

#Olympics2012 : Forget the bloody football , there are other sports to pay attention to

Abu El Kassem's silver moment 
Aside from our amazing and sudden achievement in fencing , aside from our spoil brat footballers some of our Olympians have achieved excellent results in the London 2012 Olympics despite they failed to achieve any medals.
Yes they have not achieved medals except for our amazing Alaa Abu El Kassem but they have achieved great rankings despite very modest support they got from the state officially. All our sports aside from football are neglected despite we can have very promising Olympians who can have lots and lots of medals if we just pay attention and encourage them just like we do with the football losers. 
You must know that the State and Olympic committee do not spend on our Olympians as they are not footballers , in fact our athletes spend from their money on their training and their equipment.
You will not believe that our fencer Abu El Kassem who presented a beautiful game in the fencing finals used to train at some club in Alexandria where the training hall of fencing is turned in to a wedding hall at night !!!
Our equestrian Karim El Zoghby pays everything when it comes to his horse.  Already It is an insult to a country where Sharkia , the capital of Arab horses in Arab world that our equestrians are neglected forcing them to leave and to work abroad like Andre Sakakini “Whom has become among the trainers of Italian equestrian team as far as I know ”
I got a friend in the Egyptian National archery team and seriously sometimes I ask myself why he spent from his money so much on that game when the country he represents in another galaxy does not know the team’s achievements. “We did not do that good in archery when it comes to the Olympics but in African and Arab records , we are from the top”. Already my friend buys the archery equipment from his own money so does the rest of the team including our Olympians.
Ok fencing , archery and equestrianism  are fancy high and middle high class games , let’s go for the boxing and weight lifting which are popular enough among all classes in Egypt. You can not imagine where our champions train or how they train.
I swear 1000 times that if we spent 1/4 what is spent on football , our Olympic results will be much better million times , not even thousand times. I am already amazed that we even got qualified in the first place.
Forget about the state’s role why big companies like Mobinil , Egypt Air and Banque Misr for instance do not sponsor our Olympian heroes and those young champions starting from today in order to prepare them for Rio 2016 for real.
Link : Egypt Profile in the Olympics 2012


  1. Not much focus or money will be spent on Olympians because to be honest they only make names once every 4 years. Football is all year round every year and enjoyed by millions.
    Egypt should also have it's own rugby team and go International as i think Egyptians would enjoy going to watch Rugby games in Cairo stadium as well as football

  2. Aw yea. There are still a lot of sports to focus with. Football must be really an exciting game but you got to inspire the other players by focusing on their sports too.


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