Thursday, August 9, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-17,18,19 and 20

And Scheherazade is back from her mourning on the fallen soldiers on the borders to complete her tale , the tale of Hagar , Sahar and Egrama. First things first , you need to refresh your memory to know where we stopped last time.

First here is our 419th night of our Radio Arabian night , the 17th night of our tale.

Now Jinn Sahar saves Hagar from King Kaood’s knights by telling him that should hide at the magical valley of the bees that no one can enter. Of course the Jinn tells our hero the magical spell by which he can survive from the bees attack : He should ask the bees permission to enter. So did our hero Hagar who goes to the valley of bees leaving the knights of Kaood scared from entering the valley.
Moving to the old Seksek’s court , the Noble knight of the Nile decided to end his alliance with Seksek. The Seksek is worried from that move , he fears from the knight’s alliance with the rebels.
I do not know why the Noble knight of the Nile and that uprising in the land of king Seksek Hamdoon reminds me with Nasser and his support to uprisings and revolutions against kings in the Arab world.
Now the Seksek decides to punish that Dervish who gave him a charm , still the Dervish insists that his charm is working and the old king should wait. Meanwhile Seksek’s son Prince Khanger comes from his state and decides to see that maiden that enchanted his father.
Amazingly Prince Khanger suddenly fell for the maiden. Unfortunately the recording is cut here and we do not know what Prince Khanger told Sahar.

Now to the 420th night or to be precise the 18th night of our tale.

Prince Khanger orders the release of Sahar. Ethiopian Hanom is terrified from prince Khager , it seems that Sahar does not understand what he wants. Now Prince Khanger harasses her but she refused his advances. Of course you will discover that Prince Khanger hates his father and awaits his death.
Now the Seksek busts his son trying to get his beloved maiden. And the shocked king sends his son to exile then he threats Sahar of disfiguring her face so no man would tough him but what you know !? He falls ill before continuing his sentence.
As soon as the Seksek was transferred away to be treated and Hanom came to support Sahar , our girl began to listen a lute sound in the garden . She knows that sound very well. It is her beloved Hagar who came to save her. Despite he could not take her away right now , he speaks about some arrangement/ Plan that he will share with her and lady Hanom whom he already knows from where.

Now to the 421th night or to be precise the 19th night of our tale.

Hagar’s plan is to meet Seksek as a physician through his minister Selhab , needless to say Hanom wonder how he knew all this. Hagar is going to poison the old tyranny. Sahar fears on her beloved one’s life. 
And Hagar meets Seksek as a physician and magician, it is hilarious encounter to be honest. He presents to him two pills but unfortunately the wicked king exposes him forcing him to eat the two pills. He knew about him through King Kaood.
The Seksek orders the immediate execution of minister Selhab and Hagar. Selhab is killed. Hagar was on the verge of execution when Sahar storms the court begging from his release. The old tyranny makes it clear for Sahar , if she wants Hagar alive then she should pay the price ; she should love him. Sahar cries and in the end Seksek sends her beloved to the jail for now.

And we will end our post with the 422nd night , the 20th night of tale to be accurate.

The Seksek thought that the tears of Sahar were actually a sign of her approval on his dirty deal. One of his ministers give him some medicine claiming that he will restore his lost youth. Storming Sahar’s suite , Seksek loses his mind but our girl resists him telling that only he can kill Hagar but he can kill her too. Seksek orders also the guards to bring the the dervish.
In the prison Hagar meets an old rebel as well the dervish who gave the failed charm to Seksek.
In prison we knew that the cruel king used to imprison the children of the tribes’ chieftains in order to ensure their loyalty. The rebels teach those children and so in the future they would fight the Seksek.
Hagar and the dervish are summoned.
The dervish insists on his innocence , claiming that he can make the old king see what can not be seen on the condition that they would be alone.    
Tomorrow insh Allah I will present two episodes.

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