Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breaking : Huge changes

President Mohamed Morsi has dismissed Major General Mourad Mwafi from his position as the head of the General intelligence in Egypt forcing him in to retirement. Morsi assigned Major General Mohamed Rafaat as an acting spy chief for the current time.
 Morsi has also dismissed the governor of North Sinai Abdel Mabrouk from his position.
According to Egyptian National TV the president has appoint Major General Hamed Zaky as the head of Republican guards as well Major General Maged Mostafa Kamel as the head of central security forces in the ministry of interior.
On the other hand Field Marshal Tantawy has dismissed Major General Hamdy Badeen from his position as the commander of military police. 


  1. Morsi will make an alliance with the SCAF to get rid of the Intelligence and their media (Muwafi, Okasha, Mortada Mansour is already in hiding, etc...)

    Once he gets rid of them, and hires his own people as his presidential guard and chief of staff, he will get rid of SCAF once for good. Then he will have full power. Egypt will be ruled by Ikhwan for a long long time (no elections will remove them from power)....

    Think about who is causing the unrest in Sinai including blowing up the pipeline to Israel. Ikhwan make their moves very smartly. Even if people begin to hate Ikhwan and want to vote them out, Ikhwan will wage a fake war, or some big national security threat to distract the people.

    Egypt is done.... Get out while you can.

  2. Sorry, but this is wrong in suggestion that the Muslim Brotherhood are behind Sinai events. That means he/she have never ever been to Sinai to live there. The unfortunate case is that the Bedouins of Sinai are notorious and got a free ride for 35 years to do whatever they want and get away with it.

    This is not the first time they act that way, but for sure it is the most lethal. The desert slipped under their skin and numbed their feelings. They are also hosting everyone who will give them money and guns, regardless of who he is or what he is.

    No one in the world trusts them, and these are the words of every army I've met in the world, east or west. You can blame Mubarak and his cronies for lazing on them, because they made a deal with Mubarak that they do whatever they want, and he stays the crown king of Sinai, no objections what so ever on anything.

    It takes only two weeks of living with these people to see how gruesome they are, and how fast they can back-stab you as soon as they get a chance. This is not a fake war in Sinai, it is a war long over due. Let's just remember that the first betray the Egyptian soldiers got in the three wars of 48, 56, and 67 came from the Bedouin of Sinai. Only a few cooperated with the Egyptians 73, but mostly they were bitter enemies to Egypt, and they are still so.

    Reality on the grounds is simple for Sinai to stay Egyptian, it must be turned into a Nile Delta, distribute every 10 acres/ 5 fedans to one land owner, make a slow but organized and systematic vegetation/occupation of Sinai, protected by the army, and slowly within ten years reach the vegetation to the Israeli borders, cleansing Sinai out of those traitors, that no one wants them.

    1. And, in your quest to get rid of " Sinai Bedouins " traitors that no one wants them please wipe-out the Nubians in the south and the bedouins in the north coast and Siwa....!!!

      This is called "RACISM"..

      Your mentality portrays all the wrong ideas that have been fed to the Egyptians for past 50 years ...

      What makes you a better Egyptian than them ?? What did you do that they didn't ?? Do they have equal chances in all aspects (Education - Health - Work )?? Can anyone stop you from buying any land in your neighborhood??

      When you say :"these are the words of every army I've met in the world" ... You surely don't know anything because the Israeili unit which engaged this group was from the Bedouins that Israel uses in border control !!

      It is a shame when bedouins are allowed in the Israeli army and not allowed in the Egyptian army ..!!

      The consistent failure for the successive Egyptian governments to serve all the "Egyptians" living on our borders is a Shame and the way they portray them in their media is disgrace...

  3. Dear Anon, talking rubbish doesn't count as political comment. Egyptians like conspiracy theories but we are not that thick as to believe the Ikhwan have been blowing up the pipeline and making all the money smugling into Gaza (which of course most of us believe has been lining SCAF and the governors pockets).

    1. Latifa, pursuing analysis of conspiracy theories is healthy political approach, High Tech Industries in the west call it "questioning attitude", ask, postulate all you can and if you cannot provide acceptable answers, something is potentially wrong and requires search for answers. This is how USA exposed (Watergate' , Iran Contra-Affairs), Egypt missed and was used and abused by not pursuing this method of thinking, e.g.(check the MOSSAD Lavon affair planning Cairo multi-fires of businesses and the american library during 1954). Keep questioning the MB and examine their political decisions, and if they led to egyptians brain-drains out of Egypt that is good example answer of their falure

  4. Anonymous8/09/2012 07:23:00 AM

    completely agree

    The Bedouin had a deal with Mubarak and that as long as they left his paradise in Sharm alone and the mafia investments in the resorts they would do as they liked.

    Morsi and any other sane Egyptian knows the score and it's time to populate the Sinai and get our army back in to protect it.
    Mubarak worked with Mossad and Suleiman and the US releasing all the Libyan armory was for a reason!! to destabilize the entire region and break it into smaller federations each with its own ruler and chaos so that all focus would be on internal chaos and not on the real threat the US-Israel-Saudi pact!

  5. I disagree with you all regarding the Sinai situation. Although I agree that the Bedouin there cannot be trusted, because these same Bedouin across the border in Israel serve in the IDF and kill our Palestinian brothers !!

    But I disagree that the Bedouins should be ethnically cleansed, etc. Most of them are in fact good and pious people. They have been oppressed for decades. It is wrong to say that they had any "deal" with Mubarak, as they were ruthlessly oppressed by Mubarak and Suleiman as well. They are our Arab and Muslim brothers, even if they are ethnically and culturally different from Egyptians. I have talked to some Army officers who were in Sinai and actually the Bedouin are very simple and honest people. For God's sake it was these Bedouin who were providing blood to our injured soldiers in El Arish !!

    But I agree that Sinai should be re-militarized. The Egyptian Army should have the right to enter any part of Egypt without "permission" from a foreign country. Camp David clause regarding the Army's presence in Sinai is an insult to Egyptian sovereignty.

    The MB has been fighting against the oppressive regimes of Egypt since 1928. They have been fighting the imperialists and Zionists and colonialists since before Tawfik Okasha was born.

  6. "the Bedouin there cannot be trusted, because these same Bedouin across the border in Israel serve in the IDF and kill our Palestinian brothers"

    OMFG. Gamal. Please get help.


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