Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#Sinai : It is a war now !!

And hell broke loose technically in Sinai.
I do not know from where to start , ok Israel gave Egypt the green light to let its tanks, planes and all other the heavy arms in zones B and C from Sinai. “According to Security annex of Camp David accords Egypt can not have army officers or soldiers in these two areas , only police and lately borders guards with light arms and armored vehicles.”
Today for the first time since 1967 the Egyptian Air Forces sent its planes from air fighters like F16 and helicopters. According from what I understood the F16’s mission was to destroy the tunnels. Some are saying that Hamas is actually blocking the tunnels from its side.
The helicopters are transferring members from the elite special forces “777” to Halal mount which is a hot zone for all gangs whether terrorists or drug traffickers or human traffickers. It is not easy because historically we have bad experience in mounts fights especially in Yemen. Reports claim that the army is backed up with air forces and tens of militants were injured and killed. No official confirmation yet.
2 Canadians have been arrested and currently are being interrogated by military intelligence in the city of Al Arish.
There was on going gun battle around Al Gura airport which is close to our borders with Israel. There are also news about clashes south of Sheikh Zowaid between the militants and army.
Almost 5 checkpoints and cement factory following the army  in Al Arish were attacked in mad scene. At least 2 police officers were injured after an attack targeting Al Arish police station and have been transferred to Al Arish general hospital. Al Arish general hospital is demanding blood donations and the locals are rushing to help.
The traffic is stopped in Al Arish. The locals are supporting the army there . The highway between Rafah and Al Arish is blocked by the army. Already there are no fights reported up till now in Rafah.
The MFO are on alert of course.
All this information is from tweeps and citizen journalists in North Sinai along with professional journalists with trusted contacts there. 

Updated @11:13 AM CLT

An army commander told Reuters in Sinai that our troops managed to kill 20 terrorist in Touma village near Sheikh Zowaid.
We do not know who are these 20 terrorists and how they were killed exactly as according to AFP there are two versions of the story.
1- The 20 militants were killed by helicopters' according to army commanders in Sinai
2- The 20 militants attacked the troops and ground forces killed them.
Now according to tweep Ahmed El Ghoul from North Sinai life is normal in Al Arish as the clashes were on the outskirts of the city and that currently there are 5 injuries from the army and one policeman in the hospitals. 2 of them in Al Arish general hospital and the rest are in the military hospital.
Earlier the internet and mobile communications were cut but they are back now.
Here are photos from Sinai earlier today from Getty

Here are also photos from Sinai , from RSSD.


  1. Here is a picture Egyptian Chronicles readers will like. Make sure you get the full resolution image showing the whole Middle East and North Africa in detail.

  2. not since 67, since 1973

  3. wow, now Hamas are the enemy and Israel is a buddy and we must isolate the Palestinians in Gaza by destroying the tunnels, becasue we all know that they only cahnnel arms (well no actually becasue over 99% of the traffic in the tunnels is civilian goods).
    Seems Egyptian patriotism and Zionism are not incompatible after all! The only thing missing to bring back the good old days of Camp David is Mubarak himself and I believe he is still alive so if you ask him nicley......
    Hyper nationalism has always been a great weakness of the Egyptian revolution, it has made the Egyptians so easy to manipulate.
    This is all just too good to be true for the Israelis, Arabs turning on Arabs, that I can't believe it wasn't scripted!

    1. The world is based on common interests, not on love. If both Egypt and Israel want quiet border then they both have a common interest.

    2. Israel is the enemy and it will remain the enemy. And there are more enemies! Egypt is under attack by Islamic zealots. Misguided heretics who deviate from the true teaching of Islam.
      I am whole-heartedly for Morsy who puts Egypt's interest and our national integrity above all, because he defends our true and genuine peaceful and tolerant Islam against moronic apostates like Iran, who is behind Hamas.

      Mubarak was on Israel's payroll. Netanyahu even told us that to him Mubarak was his "most precious" asset. That cannot be our ways.
      We do not have to love Israel and we do not even need to be on god terms with it; but if we are attacked and our people are slaughtered while celebrating Iftar in the most holy month of Ramadhan, there cannot be any mercy.
      حسبنا الله و نعم الوكي

    3. Maybe so that Mubarak was a great israeli asset, but he is over eighty year old, and Israel doesn't trust competency of his succeeding alternatives, so the chose their younger alternative MB (in general) and Morsi to lead. MB & Hamas are players in the game. Did you see how Israel recognizing Hamas founder son (Mossab Hassan..)to be a MOSSAD agent!! They claim he converted to christianity in Iraeli jail and opted to help them !!!
      Does that make sense to you!? I'm Christian by the way and this formal story doesn't make sens to me...

  4. Who shoot at you is your enemy. Forget any ideology (including religion!) and neighbors will be able to live in peace.

  5. Really, is the Mossad responsible for everything and are Israelis so powerful and Arabs so weak? Or maybe, just maybe, not everything fits into conspiracy theories

  6. I wonder if tactically speaking, it was necessary to bomb the tunnels and make them ineffective when it was a kidnap situation, not the tunnels or was it? Isn't this retaliation then, or was it necessary to close those tunnels now? Were the terrorists part of the tunnels?

    Maybe Zee can inform, as we in American don't know this.

  7. You're saying that Israel gave the green light to Egypt to fight and kill Israeli agents in Sinai? Have I got that right?

    1. I'm not an expert, but my anecdotal observations suggest that in Egypt, conspiracy theories are held to a lower standard of plausibility than they are elsewhere.


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