Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-26

It is our 26th night from our tale in Ramadan 2012 , the tale of Hagar and Sahar

The Old Seksek goes to Sahar telling her that she should marry Hagar now claiming that his fortuneteller Wakwak did not find their tribe. Our beautiful lady believes that there is something wrong with her beloved Hagar whom she fears now. She finds some condolences in lady Hanom’s cat “I bet it is not a cat but rather Jinn”.
Meanwhile Wakwak , the Seksek’s fortuneteller and Qobqab , the Seksek’s poet feel that there is something when it comes to Hagar and the old wicked man’s friendship. After agreeing to discover the secret of that room the two are using , they decided to turn the king against Hagar.
You can refresh your memory here.
This is the 428th of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.

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