Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We are #Egypt

At the time we were busy in our political battles , the ministry of tourism had this campaign abroad that was more than amazing

Yes we are Egypt
Talaat Harb square in Cairo
Giza Pyramids 
Mountain Biking, Color canyon, Dahab-Taba, Sinai
First time to know that it exists actually !!
Fjord Bay, Taba — at Taba, Sinai.
Aswan, Philae temple
Aswan, Anakato
Cairo, Shams coffee shop, downtown
Aswan, Anakato terrace view 
Dahab, Sinai 
I have only discovered this campaign by coincidence in Facebook through the magnificent page of professional photographer Toufic Araman
By the way the new minister of tourism Hisham Hisham Zaazoua is a great choice for the ministry. The liberal man is well known in tourism sector and he has been working in the ministry for years.
Of course in this transitional period , I know that he is facing a lot of challenges. Anyhow we should never lose hope regardless what.


  1. I wish ... that those photos will once become reality ...

  2. Actually, I'm not a fan. The campaign focuses more on the pretty people in the photos than on the locations themselves. I feel like I'm looking at a Ralph Lauren or Lacoste advertisement- and a bad one at that. If you look at the photo titled "We're Real" in the third set, you can tell from the outlines of the people that the models were photoshopped into the picture. The photos should make me feel like I can't get these experiences anywhere other than Egypt- and with something as great and unique as the Pyramids, the first picture focuses more on the jumping boy than on the pyramid.

    It's a shame- Egypt has about a third of the world's monuments and countless tourist destinations all across the country. We should be experts if not the world's leader in tourism and its promotion. Compare these photos with Italy or France's tourism campaigns- we don't need to reinvent the wheel.

    I live in the US, and I see India's tourism commercials all the time on TV. They chose to call the campaign "Incredible India," and they've been using it for years now:

    On the subject of tourism promotion, it would be great if we didn't have shows during Ramadan such as "Ramez Tha3lab el Sahara2." How are we supposed to attract tourists if we have shows where we accept it as commonplace that buses carrying tourists in Sinai are going to be attacked?!?!

  3. If you are thinking of Western tourists, they don't watch the Ramadan mousalsalim.

  4. We in Egypt have the Incredible India advert and the Azerbaijan and Malaysia and Turkey etc which seem to be all done by the same advertising group. The Egypt one on TV here is very similar in style to the Incredible India one.

    Zahi Hawass is an ass.
    He could have done way more to promote Egypt but he preferred to promote himself on Nat Geo and Discovery and Harrods!
    If you listehn to ANY of his documentaries and I mean any!!!! he says a few lines that would be the same as any first day tour guide would say. He takes all the credit BUT it is the other Egyptologists and archaeologists than if you notice gave all the information and history.

    I doubt if you asked Hawass to decypher a tomb heiroglyph he wouldnt have a clue!

    Time to purge the ministry and select real experts on Egypt not just loud mouthed narcissists like Hawass who thankfully no longer hold any position.

    Narcissism is a very common bad trait in Egyptians. Time to stop looking in the mirror and start looking in books.

  5. Beautiful places!! When you see these pics its hard to believe that this is the same country in which so many things are a mess :)

  6. we are الكهرباء قاطعه والمياة مقطوعة

  7. There is more to see in Egypt than in any other country on earth. The sights and the people are exceptional. More needs to be done to bring tourism back. I have not seen any advertising here in America.
    Perhaps Egypt could offer some incentives to the tour companies that have stopped offering tours. I used Grand Circle Travel and their sister company Overseas Adventure Travel many times, but they also have discontinued their tours.

  8. Egypt should follow conutries like Spain & Italy attracting tourism, I remember the figure (from the late nineties) of 100 millions/year tourists/travellers cross Spain. Do your math and figure how much they spend in the country, with far little less historical marvels compared to Egypt. Another more important advice , people on the streets should act more civilized than insulting (non Scarfy females) or males in Shorts. Ministry of Tourism should be in the focus of the country's attention. Thiswhole scenario would work better if Egypt & Israel Peace accord is much better implanted than just political documentations. Egypt has the chance to be among top 3 visited place on earth, if egyptian wanted.

  9. I think I will agree with the first 2 Anonymous on this one, the campaigns are flashy, however, I am an advertiser and IT IS mostly focusing on the models in the pictures and not the nature or the monuments. All they had to do was grab a couple of magazines and looked at other countries' campaigns to see how simple it is. Taiwan had a campaign recently called Amazing Taiwan, Spain has We need Spain that is even split into separate campaigns like We need Madrid. Some of them don't even focus on people or monuments or nature, but the cuisine!

    That and I am pretty sure adjusting our attitudes towards tourists would go a long way, treating them like visitors and not like cows to be milked for money!

  10. no please do not follow Italy!
    Italy really don't how to manage the incredible treasure of monuments! Loss of hotels, and very old, very expansive and low quality of services.
    The panorama is amazing in Italy but then... stop!
    travel in Italy for holiday, business, or whatever is really uncomfortable and expansive!

    An Italian lady living in Egypt since 2003

    and by the way ...I like the photos! :)

  11. I just saw this @Zeinobia. I hope they repeat the shoot again or at least continue for other parts of images. It was a 40 days shoot. Lots of sweat but it was totally worth it. Thanks for the appreciation and sharing my images. Toufic Araman. Love to Egypt.


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