Friday, August 17, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-28&29

First I apology for not posting the 28th Night of 1001 radio nights , you have to blame Cairo’s crazy traffic last Thursday as I returned home with no power what so ever to do anything.
Now we are coming close to the end of our story , the story of Hagar and Sahar.
This is the 28th night of the tale with huge big development.

Now wicked Seksek Hamdon transferred his soul to the body of Hagar in order to marry Sahar but he was surprised to know that Sahar was yet again back to her sad mood as her nightingale !! In an attempt to brag with his reincarnation ability and transferring souls from one to another , Hamdon reveals his secret and even demonstrates it in front of her by transferring his soul to the bird’s dead body.
As soon as Hamdon transfers his soul to the cat’s dead body , we are met with huge surprise. The sad nightingale Sahar had suddenly transferred its soul to Hagar’s empty and we find ourselves in front of the real Hagar who quickly kills  the cat with the soul of Seksek Hamdon.
Hagar tells his beloved Sahar the story of the wicked trick of the old man.
You can refresh your memory here.
This is the 430th night of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.
Now moving to the 29th night of our tale.

Hagar tells the story of his adventure as a goat wondering in the desert. He reached to an oasis with a tree where there was nightingales’ nest and while he was eating from the grass on the ground he found a dead body of a beautiful nightingale. Thus he decided to transfer to the dead bird’s body and head to his beloved Sahar. The rest we know it.
The couple decided to head to the secret room of Seksek to make sure that his dead body is there.
Meanwhile Wakwak, Hamdon’s fortuneteller goes to crown Prince Badron to inform him that his father decided to appoint Hagar as crown prince. Badron goes mad and decides to lead a coup against his father and to besiege his palace.
At the same time our couple made sure that Seksek Hamdon was dead and were heading to leave the palace to head for their tribe , they found Badron and his troops storming the palace arresting them. Badron finds his father dead and thus he announces himself as the king. Now he decided to send Hagar to King Kaood and to have Sahar as his maiden once again.
Once again the couple are separated.
This is the 431st night of the Egyptian radio’s Arabian nights show

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