Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Eid El Fitr 2012

And officially according to Dar El Ifta of Egypt Eid El Fitr will be on Sunday and tomorrow Saturday is the final day “30th day” of Ramadan.
A Sheikh in 1934 searching for
the moon
Happy Eid to all Muslims around the Globe from Egypt. :)
Happy Eid
From old Arabic language book
from 1973s


  1. Happy Eid from 1973 cartoon makes us look back and see how 'normal' life was back then. Today a cartoon would be showing an unrecognisable shape in black niqabi wife with salafi bearded father in a short galabeya in a scene that would take Egypt back to caveman days not 2012.
    It's very sad to see how Egypt has regressed and become so backward both is dress and culture and intelligence. Very sad.

    1. Anon2;
      This way (plus no alchohl & no pork meat) current religious scholars!(Salafi, MB,..) simplfy what you need to do to appear as religious !!. Nobody will ask if you stole from others, cheated on your spouse, kept envious feelings toward your brothers and friends, even some comit murders but keppt beard and 'zebiba'. Wake up Egypt.I lived in egypt around that time of the cartoon and it is no exageration. Women walked on the street, some wore scarf, some in mini skirt, and some in pants and nobody paid exagerated attention or insult like what Egypt see today. Furthermore, Muslim and Christian neighbours exchanged sweet-food during Eid and Christmas and kept civilized relationship (I am not saying discrimination didn't exist but it was kept under control) How sad road Egypt took since and still is walking through,

    2. Very good wishes dear Zeinab, may the coming months bring happiness to you and yours.

  2. Happy Eid and best wishes to you, Zeinobia and all fellow readers.


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