Saturday, August 18, 2012

And it is an insult to Taha Hussein From his newspaper !!

ِِAhmed Abdel Moneim
This is the sort of news that makes me understand why we got too many social challenges causing trouble not less dangerous than our political challenges that setting us back !!
In 1914 the Egyptian university “Fouad University/Cairo university” sent student Taha Hussein to France to complete his university education there.
In 1959 the Dean of Arab literature who once said that education is like water and air was appointed by the State as the new editor in Chief of newly published then “Al Gomhouria newspaper” 
Now a side note : Taha Hussein was blind.
In 2012 Student Ahmed Abdel Moneim was announced the first in the 2012 class of 3rd secondary stage nationwide with a score of “99/5%”.
As an annual tradition the 10 students with the highest grades nationwide in the 3rd second stage class are awarded with a trip to France organized by Al Gomhouria newspaper in coordination with the ministry of education. Ahmed Abdel Moneim was excluded from that trip surprisingly. The justification of Al Gomhouria was that they feared on Ahmed’s safety because of his disability !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahmed is blind and he is the first in the blind class nation wide.
I will not say anything except one day Ahmed Abdel Moneim will be more successful and his name will be remembered through out Egypt and the Arab nation just like Taha Hussein unlike those blind hearted bastards !!!
I am so angry just like hundreds or even thousands of Egyptian youth who found the story throughout the media.
Unfortunately the story of Ahmed is just the ice berg of the hell Egyptian disabled citizens face. I hope that President Morsi does something to help restoring their lost rights more than meeting our Paralympics heroes before heading to London at the Presidential Palace. When I remember it ElBaradei, Moussa and Abu El Fotouh cared for this particular file. 

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