Thursday, August 23, 2012

The big action film of the day : The president saves the day as usual !!

For the first time since getting rid from SCAF and without having a parliament , President Morsi uses his granted legislative powers and issued a law to ban the temporary detention in the press related crimes amending article no.41 of the Press law no.96 for year 1996.
According to the Presidency spokesperson Yasser Ali the accidentally infamous hero of the day Islam Afifi, the editor in chief of Al Dostor will be released from his temporarily detention.
This law is considered ineffective up till now because it has not been published in the State's official newspaper yet the Public prosecutor decided to release Ali who will be a free man in a couple of hours.
And that was finale , from that presidential intervention at the end of the film that saved the day miraculously. 
Today the Giza criminal court decided to adjourn the case against Islam Afifi to September 17,2012 and to detain him temporarily for 15 days pending the trial !!
Afifi is accused of defaming the president , the ruler of the country and he can go to jail according to article no. 179 in the penalties. This article is very old , it was the defame of royalty in time of monarchy then the defame of president in time of republic. It should be abolished.
Already Morsi also cancelled the temporarily detention yet Afifi can go in jail in the end if he is found guilty of defaming the president.
This is the first time since the revolution that a journalist is being detained for something he published in press. It is extremely dangerous and sad when I remember that Morsi promised that no journalist will be imprisoned  and no newspaper or TV channel will be closed in his term 
Ironically nobody knew who Afifi was before this circus and sadly enough Al Dostor was considered a tabloid whose distribution was less than average. Today all the issues of Al Dostor were sold !!!
After the tragedy of Al Dostor in 2010 and the control of Mubarak's State security through the infamous Reda Edward accusation, the famous newspaper turned in to a true tabloid and after the revolution it took a Pro-SCAF Anti-MB stand.
The newspaper reached hit rock bottom with its Front page during the Presidential elections time full of red and black bold headlines speaking about devilish conspiracies of MB to control Egypt with the help of States and Qatar warning the people of electing Abu El Fotouh and Morsi. The newspaper continued its warning from the MB invasion to Egypt with fictional tales. It reminded me with the 1950s headlines of the U.S newspapers in the Mid West during the McCarthy witch hunt warning the Americans from the Soviet invasion.
Now thanks to this trial Islam Afifi has become a martyr of freedom of speech and a hero whether inside Egypt or Outside It is so sick .Amnesty International issued a statement about Afifi yesterday while Reporters without borders issued  a statement attacking the court's order as expected. Egyptian human rights organizations like EIPR also issued a statement condemning the court order.  Even the Revolutionary socialists who can not stomach journalists like Afifi found themselves defending him because of freedom of speech !!
It is worth to mention that the MB and its political arm now are defending themselves claiming that they did not report Afifi or any journalist !! 


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  2. Egypt needs to adopt European press standards.

  3. A free press is a key component of a free society.


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