Friday, August 24, 2012

#August24 Protest : And it was predicted by many

Many people in Egypt predicted that the #August24 Protest will be huge failure for following reasons :
  • Logically people do not go to protest against new democratically elected president after 50 days of his rule.
  • Many of those calling for the protests like Abu Hamed and Okasha are false leader with no real popularity what so ever in the street when it comes to revolution or revolutionaries.
  • This protest was backed up by that branch in SCAF and intelligence opposing the revolution in generation , that branch has gone with the wind now.
  • The ambiguity of the protest’s goal : Is to bring down the democratically President or to call for a military rule or to bring down the Muslim brotherhood ??
The problem now that the Muslim brotherhood will act as if it got a divine legitimacy thinking that the numbers of protesters came today to the street is the true size of its opposition in the street. Already we got a statement of one of the FJP officials in Al Shorouk newspaper website claiming that the protests reflected the true size of Morsi’s opposition in the street. This is not the true opposition that the MB will face and is facing it , the brotherhood and its party will be fooling themselves if they think so. Still realistically the brotherhood won today.
I covered the protests or protest to be accurate in Tahrir square where it was controlled by dozens of Mohamed Morsi supporters , despite some of them were Islamists , few told me that they were not MB but they were independent protesters who came to support President Morsi with their own blood.
I do not want to seem judgmental or rude but some of these Pro-Morsi protesters did not look like the MB members at all, in fact some of them reminded me with the NDP supporters. “Some of them reminded me with the NDP thugs especially with their aggressiveness and rudeness”
Needless to say any other protesters who came to protest against Morsi or the Muslim brotherhood was kicked out and insulted by those dozens. I witnessed how an old man was kicked out of some group standing near Hardees where he was being labeled Abu Hamed’s man who is financed by Sawiris ..etc.
These supporters chanted “ Morsi, Morsi” , “The Square says that there is no place for felol”.. etc. “They once chanted “Not eastern nor western but rather Islamic , Islamic”
Now there were these scenes that made me stop like the scene of the flags sellers selling the MB, Morsi and Islamist flags besides the Egyptian flag, like the Morsi merchandise sold everywhere. There was that scene of that family made of father , mother and two toddlers including a boy wearing a tiny army suit. The man insisted that he was free to protest against the MB in Tahrir square because he and his family were Egyptians and Tahrir is for all Egyptians. If it were not the madam and kids , he would be beaten without doubt. It ended that the family went to Mohamed Mahmoud street.
I met a lady in her 50s , Mrs. Fatahia who is uneducated as she said yet she came to tell Morsi that he should look after the poor and not to honor men like Tantawy.
The best scenes of all was that man who kept his hands in chains and screamed in the pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi protesters in Tahrir square.
You sons of bitches stop fighting each other , your money is stolen abroad and you continue to fight each other like in time Mubarak !!
Side talks in the corners of Tahrir square and Talaat Harb were the main interesting thing in the boring day.
There was that short battle of rocks hurled between the pro-Morsi protesters and Anti-Morsi protesters in Talaat Herb street, there were no casualties then. Now contrary to the proper misconception the Revolutionary socialists did not join the anti-MB/Morsi protests but rather the Egyptian communist party.
The aggressiveness of the Pro-Morsi supporters was epic here with people screaming in the face of the reporters and cameras that people should give Morsi a channnnnnce.
There was no shooting in Tahrir square , I was there when I heard that shot that according to TV reporters standing the scene some kind of fireworks. Needless to say the guy who threw these fireworks was captured by the Pro-Morsi supporters and got his ass kicked. I do not know if they went to the police to report him or not but there was no single policeman in the square today. The traffic was organized by volunteers.
In the end it was a boring day.


  1. Good effort , did you watch that video ??

  2. thank you for these efforts telling us what is really going on! It's time for Egyptians to now get wise and work! STOP the protests and if they want to go out in the streets go out and clean them instead of shouting in them. Do something for Egypt for once!

  3. Give them work, give them a place to live, a little electricity and gas for cooking, and they won't take to the streets.

  4. True Old Lady there must be social progress first.


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