Saturday, August 25, 2012

Water problem in the land of the Nile !!

Morsi is facing a lot of challenges more than anyone can imagine with a legacy of failing decay state that needs to be revived.
One of the major challenges facing Morsi is Water in Egypt , oh yes Water in Egypt aside from food prices and housing and aside from the Nile Basin struggle on water. We are speaking about the basic clean water access. You will be amazed how many areas in Egypt , the land of the Nile , people suffer from clean water access problems. You will be shocked more when you know how much money was supposedly spent on water infrastructure project in time of Mubarak using foreign aids and for sure you will wonder where that money had gone.
There are water access problems , water distribution problems and water filtering problems.
Hundreds of citizens were poisoned because of polluted water in Sanasfat village in Monufia  The numbers of patients are exceeding everyday

Sansafat village is the not the only village in the country that suffer from clean water access problems , in fact it  is from the lucky villages and towns in the Nile Delta with water access. There are many villages with no water access at all in Upper Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!
This happens in the land of the Nile !!
Sanafar village and other villages in Egypt are not the responsibility of Morsi.

Check the photos our amazing citizen journalist Heba Kholy took in Sansafat village , Monufia.You should see the color of water to know what I am trying to say

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  1. makes me laugh when the Mubarak supporters blab on and on about all the water projects and defend the ministers now in Tora when you see the reality! It will take decades to fix the total destruction of every sector of Egypt under Mubarak and his bunch of criminal ministers!!! Morsi needs more support and less criticism!!! It was Mubarak that led the country to total collapse where only the rich scooped off the cream!!


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