Sunday, August 26, 2012

#Daraya : Another massacre , the biggest so far !!

The town of Daraya in Reef Dimshaq was associated in my mind before the revolution with fruits and jams ; the best jams in the world , the best cherry in the world , the best canned apricots but now it is associated with massacres more than anything !!
Today El Assad forces committed another huge crime , another huge massacre that according to human rights activists not less 200 have been killed in the shelling of Daraya today. The footage coming from there is extremely horrible , charred bodies , blown limbs and brains !! Children , elderly women and men !! Horrible scenes that have actually become the norm !!
Daraya : Shelling the residential houses
 “+18 Extremely graphic”

Daraya : The victims , extremely graphic
Daraya : The dead bodies were shelled too !!
After the shelling El Assad militant gangs reportedly attacked a mosque where not less than 150 civilians were using as a shelter , they killed the people inside the mosque !!

 According from what I understood that mosque is in some tribal area which means the blood river will not stop.
Daraya : Abu Soliman mosque massacre
Oh God most merciful please stop this blood river. Today nearly 400 were killed in Syria !!
Morsi is going to China tomorrow and after it he will visit Iran and the States , I hope that he remembers Syria in that tour.


  1. Morsi who? You must mean Mursi that sham-puppet whose Islamist garbing must be the next plot to stagnantly rule Egyptian into a bloody river their selves not necessarily shed by him (or, Assad for that matter).

    Allow me here, dear Zeinab (at least, that's what I get from your self-coined moniker of that blend 'Zeinobia'):

    Massacres are everywhere in the world today. The lapse is here and here to stay, so never before has been such an atrocious media anti-campaign been held against a single so-called "regime" like that of President Bashar Al-Assad.

    One smart enough should start asking the why's of how on earth are Arabs this time are going at war with each others while the rest of the world at at odds to whom they should side by? Whether it's China and Russia (two shadow arms of the imperialist/neocolonialist western powers that had caused the Arab world many uncountable atrocities in the name of oil, race, religion, creed, you name it) and the usual suspects of 'democrazy' faggots who are trying to rebuild the Roman Empire from the ashes again right here in the Middle-east.

    Don't be so shallow, dear fellow blogster. It's a game of powers, money, and futuristic colonisation of the whole planet for the sake of a few, fat, atheistically-pagan non-entities.

    Follow their way: that's exactly how you've been bred to do. They're controlling the air you breathe so why not the images that you see and think with all the gall in the world... that you can interpret with simply-typed, nonsense words on yet, another "mudawwana".

    Read this to get it all if you care:

    -Syria is targeted for its newly-discovered natural gas reserves (discovered near Latakia seaport 15 years ago, by the way). Point.

    -Libya was invaded because of the huge reservoirs of natural gas found near its northern-most parts. Fullstop.

    -Egypt? Well, natural gas was produced (400 mil. metric tons per year which threatened Qatar and newly-aspiring Saudi Arabia's greedpot plans to stay at the top) from Dumyat (Mubarak City: a one-million cubic meters large industrial no-go zone). Period.


    Note: You can't chop logic inside a comment box, too. Or, ask some 'randumb' visitor not to whatever they might want to do. This is the net babe: nothing here is real, 'kays?

  2. May these dear souls, R.I.P. (Rest in Peace)

  3. If it were not for Russia and China we would be looking at 50,000 dead in a few weeks like Libya if the US had it's way!!!

    The media has totally brainwashed the public yet again and I am sad that not more people are a bit more sensible and see through it.

    Thank God for Russia and China who at the moment seem the only ones with any sense at all and stopping this madness by NATO Israel and USA from being a total 100% bloodbath!

    I wish someone would drop a nuke on the USA and on Israel and put an end to this madness, this constant warmongering policy of global proportions, this utterly retarded AIPAC engineered destruction of morality and in the end our planet because make no mistake these lunatic fundamentalist suicidal maniacal Christians and zionist Jews WILL!!! without a doubt end life on this planet and they will finally get their armageddon they so wish to see happen!!

  4. A massacre is alleged to have taken place in the village of Tremseh, Syria, which, if confirmed, would be the biggest single massacre since the uprising began in 2011. Government forces are said to have surrounded Tremseh and attacked it; then a pro-government militia, the Shabiha, is said to have come in and carried out over 200 executions of mostly civilians. The death toll since the beginning of the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad is thought to be 17,000; the biggest massacre so far was in Houla, in May this year, with 108 people killed.

  5. @Hammer - You forgot to mention how Jews control everything, and you forgot to call Zeinobia a Zionist tool.

    @Gabrielle - Stay classy, girl.

    There are some slavering lunatics among the commenters on this blog.

  6. Assad the Chinless will soon join Saddam Hussein and Muamar al-Gaddafi in Hell.

  7. and those 3 will keep it hot for every zionist pig, and the AIPAC mafia and their American buddies that have killed the innocent children of Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan,Vietnam, Sudan and every other nation their filty boots have trampled over and continue to trample over
    Hell sure will be full that day

  8. @Anonymous 8/26/2012 10:33:00 PM - Your paranoid fixation on Jews and Americans as the source of your troubles prevents the self-criticism that you need to improve your lot. I hope you get better. Admit you are backward, adopt Western ways, and the world will be a better place for everyone.

  9. Amen there for Anonymous.
    As for Jason, well babe...

    Zionists are a butt of all jokes, son. If you're American and then want to slur around a comment box by calling a collection of readers a "slavering lunatics" then you're way off target, hunnie boo.
    See, this is just a comment box and people like your ilk come here, add nothing and give out 0% knowledge and after all and all, come with all the gall in the world to call people names. Shit, babe. Behave, will ya?

    Jews? I never mentioned these, besides: who cares if it wasn't you? You know, babe... since you're an American, and know bugger-all about Arabic culture and/or how they live/react/think/ etc... lemme enlighten your dimming brain box, babe:
    In Egypt (and most of the Arab world), there's a cute saying; one that goes like this:
    اللي على راسو بطحة, يحسس عليها
    Translation handy for the goon-ass rejects like yerself, 'ere:
    "Those who carry guilt (a bottle of liquor in this case, since it's prohibited around the Islamic world to drink spirits), always touches it." End of quotation. Explanation time:
    If it wasn't the so-called Jews and those corporate fags who are behind all the "change" around the Middle-east and backed by their blind-bat followers in the oil-tick rich countries of the Arabia Peninsula (namely, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in addition to Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates to some extent), then whose benefit is being culled here from all of this bloodshed? Who starts wars after all? Answer? The Jews. Backed by who? The West. Why, comes a-trottin' here another question... Why? Because they want to keep a certain 'safe' level for their own citizens (like yourself, dipwad) who yes, can again be afraid again enough to fear certain countries (all sham-play of war tactics) so they can pay-roll these wars that beget these fat faggots more money. War is a money-printing licensee, son. It is ugly, yeah. Good morning, babe. But what's uglier is how some crocks like the West want to always pass the buck at the East blaming them for being uncivilized and eh, undemocratic.
    Democracy? Are you kidding me? Where did these shitfags get that idea from? It is a dead philosophy; totally atavistic and does not contribute to anyone who's living the 20-21 Centuries nowadays but those who have dug that shit-for-brains Greek method of enslaving (your word, so don't panic here or try to shit me a whole truck, son) the populace of any place by making belief that yeah, some day dear babes... one day... dearest lovers... you're gonna rule yourselves by... yourselves.
    You can't convince us around a comment box that, one 1.) You are intillgenet, because you sound mad enough to be spewing acid. two 2.) America is to blame yes, for all this greedy game of more-more-more and you pay their plans quite well, you dumb pieces of sheeple shit last is three?

    Yeah, just go eat another bowl of cereal, you Americunt faggot.

    Fa 'cereality' babe.

    Soon, this world will pay these evil forces doubly for whatever they thought they can do the world. And wait for it, when your 'cuntry' will be eaten by its own years-long philosophy of inbred hatred, anger, repulsion, loathing, hostility, enmity, and all sorts of annoyance vibes.

    Americans are lame. Lame + America? Lamerica, indeed.
    Derp. GGF.


  10. @Anonymous 8/26/2012 10:26:00 AM - I'd ridicule you but you are a self-parody and there is little left for me to do. You made one omission though: When you said "The media has totally brainwashed the public yet again" you completely forgot to point out who owns the media! OMG! You fucked up!

    1. The Jooooss!!! The Jooooss!!!!

    2. Haha yes but it wasn't hard to figure out, was it

  11. @Hammer - Don't hold your feelings in; they will eat away at you from the inside.

  12. @Hammer, I'm not as intillgenet as you, I admit. But that's life and one must get used to it. No matter how intillgenet one may be, there's always someone who is more intillgenet.

  13. @Hammer, Jason and the rest.....You will find the truth if you read:

  14. "El Assad militant gangs reportedly attacked a mosque where not less than 150 civilians were using as a shelter , they killed the people inside the mosque !! ... According from what I understood that mosque is in some tribal area which means the blood river will not stop. "

    LOL! It's on the southern edge of Daraya, Abu Suleiman Al Darani Mosque, it's on Wikimapia. A rebel base, looks like. The people weren't killed there but brought there. Look at the floor (no blood splatters) and the blankets (packing them for carrying, not laid on top). The rebels probably brought these bodies with them as they fell back. The mass grave trenches seen in all those photos: the lot next to that mosque. Google it and see the verification. Most of your photos and the last video are from the courtyard there.

    So why the confusion/obfuscation? Is it related to the widespread reports from Darayans of numerous loyalist, civilian, hostages taken by FSA affiliates in the days before the battle? The trade talks reportedly broke down...

    Also, the top photo was already presented by Clay Claiborne on July 4 at the Daily Kos as a scene from another murky massacre in Douma. Not sure that's where it's from, either. (he had a photo from Houla re-branded for Douma as well)


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