Sunday, September 2, 2012

And Egypt got its first veiled news anchor

Fatima Nabil has entered the history of Egyptian Television as the first veiled news anchor.
Fatima Nabil "by Hany Rasmy"
Nabil is the first among 3 veiled news anchors that will appear in Ch.1 and Nile News of Egyptian TV starting from today. 
If I am not mistaken Fatima Nabil’s co-news anchor today was a Christian.
Nabil and her co-anchor "by Hany Rasmy"
Contrary to what you think , Nabil is not the first veiled woman to appear as an anchor or a host on Egyptian TV. Kariman Hamza , the famous religious programs TV host was the first during the time of Mubarak. Of course she had to leave the TV from two decades if I remember right.

Last decade several TV hosts and news anchors who wore the veil demanded that they would return back to the screen but their request was rejected and they had to go to the courts. Already two of the veiled News anchors going to appear on screen this week got court order.
In March 2011 the Egyptian TV allowed veiled TV hosts to present TV shows mostly about family and social affairs.
Human rights activists work years for this to happen. This is just a step. Of course as this happens during the era of a President that comes from Muslim brotherhood some people fear that this is another step of the so-called “Brotherhoodization” of the society. Well those people must realize that 80% of the Muslim women in Egypt are veiled and that banning veiled ladies from working in their own National TV as TV anchors is actually a discrimination. Those people must know that there was an old court order since the days of Mubarak that enforces the veiled TV hosts’ rights to go back on air.
We will speak if the new masters of Maspero discriminate the Non-veiled TV hosts and refuse to appoint them , other than that I think there are much important issues we should focus on like the constitution , what the hell is going in Sinai , the IMF loan and the future parliamentary elections.
Now I will believe that the Egyptian TV represents truly the Egyptian society when I see a Black lady from Nubia or a Christian lady wearing a cross reading the news like Fatima. TV plays an important role in ending racism and prejudice in the society .
Anyhow the problem about Maspero is not about what the TV host wears or does not wear more about the mindset that needs to liberated from the regime and state’s control in order to be the people’s TV for real.


  1. Just think of the kind of injustice and discrimination that existed in our Egypt that Muslim women in a Muslim country were prevented from public life for wearing a veil.

    Islam is the Solution.

    Btw I personally feel that Muslim women should not appear in TV at all, if you read Quran and Ahadith carefully, you will realize that the Prophet)saw) explicitly prohibited women from exposing their voice to men too much.

    1. Well said! Women should be kept in caves and fed once a day.
      Islam is the solution.

    2. "I personally feel that Muslim women should not appear in TV at all"

      Troglodyte. I would laugh but it's too sad. Is this a mainstream Egyptian opinion? And many Egyptian Chronicles readers want me banned.

    3. Developed countries of the world need people who think like Gamal to flip their burgers.

    4. NURSE!!!! Gamals out of bed again.

    5. For anybody contradict/has problem understanding so called Ahadiths in islam will thank you Gamal. Ahadiths by definition are "Coffee talking" . You believe what you believe, leave humanity of the 21st century and go back to your cave Gamal.

  2. This is progress as it should be - wonderful. By veiled I thought you meant their faces would be covered and I wondered if that would interfere with with their delivery.

  3. Yeh Gamal, women are exposing their hairs and their voice, men not to blame for sexually attacking them !! isn't that what Ahadith carefully hint Gamal !!!. What about having sex with a child? what your wisdom tell you that to be ???

  4. man this
    is so retarded
    big deal, women wearing hijab on TV, and then some person called Gamal is either taking the piss, or a retard.
    bigger things to deal with.
    poverty, destitution, education, health economy and nation building

    1. totally agree Egyptians have a long way to go I am afraid and especially the likes of Sheikh Gamal above who still lives back in the 600's. Man!!! will Egypt ever return to it's former glory with cavemen and cavewomen walking the streets! very sad...

      by the way you contradicted yourself Zeinobia

      you wrote

      "Fatima Nabil has entered the history of Egyptian Television as the first veiled news anchor."

      then wrote

      "Contrary to what you think , Nabil is not the first veiled woman to appear as an anchor or a host on Egyptian TV."

    2. What is more important.
      A woman in a veil on TV


      educating a whole nation about hygiene and how to keep their houses and streets clean?

    3. To people like Gamal it's obviously the latter.

  5. Isn't the TV news anchor like Fatima requires and does use significant amount of make-up on the screen? Just look at the eye brows , cheeks, and lips, aren't these conflict with the perceived concept of modesty supposedly to be the islamic logic behind veils?? how these make sense with the believers that islam seriously ask for veils?? Do hairs in the islamic scholars mind of today are equivalent to a female sex organ??? Maybe that is the picture in Gamal's mind !!!!

  6. I don't know why so called believers in veils as islamic requirement, don't publicize the meaning behind it? and when they do that , followers of this type of belief should explain to the rest why they do extensive makeup? expensive clothings? very expensive jewlery (or those are prevented in Saudi Arabia?). How long egyptian people can subsidize this fake tradition? I think the biggest drive of so called 80% veiled egyptian women is finding a husband (not inside belief of veils), and since Egyptian males are like Gamal, God help Egypt.

  7. Bold Women are prettier... Perhaps


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