Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do not put yourself in hot situation !!

I hope the questions are not hot as your opinion ,I hope the questions are not hot as you

Egypt’s minister of information

Salah Abdel El Maqsoud

My questions are hot but I am a cold as a person.

Zeina Yazigi, Syrian TV host on Dubai TV

This is what the minister of information in Egypt Salah Abdel El Maqsoud told Syrian TV host Zeina Yazigi in Dubai TV last week. My mom was stunned when she saw that clip. Of course my admiration to Zeina has increased after her reaction. Here is her twitter account by the way.

The MB “mainly” say it was a joke and he did not mean as he meant her opinions were hot but she interrupted him and he had to repeat it again in that way !!  The MB boys of course are defending him madly claiming that we are all going to hell and that he is better than all of us !! Of course if the minister of information was Non-Islamist minister , they would have considered him a rude womanizer infidel. “imagine if it were Amr Hamzawy !!”

Others say that it was just a blunder and he did not mean any sexual harassment from any kind , he is just an idiot who does not know how to speak. Well indeed he is an idiot who does not know how to speak to the media internationally and he is the minister of information. This is even much more dangerous than a minister who can not control his hormones !! How can I have a minister of information representing my country worldwide who does not know how to speak or act properly !?

I wish that he apologized on air , at least he would set the record straight and in fact he would be respected more.

I know Salah Abdel Maqsoud was chosen by the Muslim brotherhood to head the ministry of information in order to control the National TV , this is something I know and I am sure of personally according to sources I trusted. There were big names proposed then from Maspero Children who got experience in press like famous Hamdy Qandil but unfortunately the MB insisted on Abdel Maqsoud as their men in Maspero to control the News sector which the brotherhood believed that it was fighting the president.  Abdel Maqsoud is a MB journalist who got a history in the Islamist newspapers as well long career in the journalists syndication. The government promised that he will be the last minister of information.


  1. Honestly I would not know how to react if I were in her place. So her answer is bulls eye really and I love how she professionally continues! As for the minister, he's an idiot who doesn't know how to behave towards a beautiful woman. He surely should have corrected himself. And I'm sorry for my generalizing comment, but I think this behaviour is a problem with many men!

  2. It reminds me of some unhappy statements our ex premier Berlusconi use to do.
    Not a good sign.
    This can be called only in one way: chauvinism.

  3. Haven't you seen this video?

  4. This tells you why we are suffering from sexual harassment.If even our government is infested by oversexed lechers - no surprise that rapists are not persecuted.

    BTW when Egypt's first delegation went to visit the USA one of them was wanted for child pornography and Salafists are rapists.

    How low could we sink to be governed by a bunch of child molesters and sex maniacs?

  5. Zeinobia; This is a good example how so called muslim religous salafies and MBs interpret being religious. To them, cover the wives head,don't eat pork, and pretend not to drink alcohol define reliogion. Being honest,loving, caring about others, forgiving, ..etc are far secondary ,if important at all. Check how many stories about sexual harrassments, and rapes take place in Saudi Arabia, Gulph states, and rich MBs manions including forein maids and workers!!!


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