Friday, September 21, 2012

what is happening in Tunisia ?? Who is threatening Nawaat ?

I am so consumed with what is happening in Egypt and Syria that I do not pay enough attention anymore to what is happening in other countries in the Arab world especially our beloved soul mate Tunisia.

From two days ago while we were busy watching the Graffiti whitewash massacre in Mohamed Mohamed we found an alarming message on famous Tunisian Citizen journalism award winning website “” that one of its blogger was killed by an unknown aggressor on its twitter account. The alarming twitter was sent original from Nawaat’s Facebook Page.The tweet was deleted and the Nawaat team gained control on its social media accounts.

Who wants to threat this website ?? Are they the Jihadi Salafists who are growing to be a real pain in the ass ?? Old regime or new regime ??

Of course what happens in Tunisia echoes in Egypt and honestly I feel that we face the same challenges when it comes to freedom of speech and press.


  1. Respect to you Zeinobia. I read you with appreciation in England.

  2. Good GRIEF!

    Graffiti being whitewashed over is now being called a MASSACRE!

    Oh boy does Egypt need to get a grip on reality!


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