Friday, September 21, 2012

About our new spymaster’s allegiance

From two days ago President Morsi appointed officially General Mohamed Shehata as the new official director of the GIS. Shehata who earned fame as the man besides Galid Shalit already was the acting director of the GIS intelligence since August 8th,2012. On Wednesday Egyptians saw for the first time on TV their spymaster swearing in to office.
For most people it was not a big deal , ok here is our new spymaster for the first time appears on TV to swear in. For Morsi’s supporters mainly from MB cheerleaders it was a huge triumph for transparency forcing Egypt’s spymaster to swear on the Holy Quran !!!
Transparency does not mean I see the spymaster swearing in to office in front of the president , transparency means that GIS sticks to the laws and releases its confidential old files according to the information act. You are not going to fool the people in Egypt. I do not want to see Egypt’s Spymaster pledging allegiance on TV , I want him to do his job as he should serving the country and its ultimate national security.
There was another team who was annoyed to see the spymaster swears on the Holy Quran , well it did not bothers me that much because other countries do it on their Holy books like the States. Already if the spymaster is a Christian , he will have to swear on the Bible. This does not mean that the GIS is now being Islamized or brotherhoodized for God sake !!!
Now there is a last team who was surprised to hear that the spymaster announces his alliangence to the President of State as part of his oath, they were surprised and shocked like me to hear him saying
I pledge my full allegiance will be to the president
The allegiance of the spymaster and any minister and any official in my point of view is not and should not be to the president of the State but rather to the president of the president of the state … to the people. The Egyptian people are the ones who brought Morsi to the office and can kick him out of it. If you are going to have a public show for the Spymaster while he swears in the office for the first time as you want to give an impression that you are establishing a new state of democracy after 60 years of military rule , you change the word “President” to “EGYPT”
I do not know but I do not think in real democratic countries , the intelligence director pledges FULL ALLEGIANCE TO THE PRESIDENT !!!
Of course the spokesperson of Presidency Yasser Ali stated that that this oath was based upon the Intelligence law issued and modified by President claiming that this the oath of all spymasters since 1971. Some national security experts disagreed and claimed that this is untrue.  Well Partially it is true.
Morsi did modify the oath using the 1971 intelligence law so it would appear like that. For reminder Sadat got rid from Nasser’s men in the regime in 1971 including late Spymaster Amin Howiady in what is known as the Correction Revolution. Without doubt in democratic new Egypt this law has to be revised.
If Morsi and his brothers in Mokktam MB HQ think that they are going to control the GIS or even think that they earned the ultimate loyalty of Shehata and his GIS boys then they should wake up from their Caliphate dream to the bitter reality. Shehata can swear on thousand Holy Quran that he will be loyal to Morsi and yet he can turn against him next day whether for good reasons or bad reasons
The MB does not only rule Egypt as if they were ruling a syndicate but they rule it as a bigger version of the brotherhood. The MB does not want to establish democracy for real as, this is just a means for them to achieve the ultimate Caliphate they aspire to in the 21st century. This is their major problem and this is why they have to rethink about what they want for real because in the end according to the first stage of presidential elections in 2012 , they are only 5 million and their supporters from a population of 90 million.
BY the way Shehata is from the GIS children and it has been decades at least since the time of Mubarak that the GIS director comes from the agency itself and not from the military intelligence.
The Ultimate test for the intelligence and its true allegiance will come sooner or later when they discover some spy in the MB’s HQ working for the Mossad. Oh yes I am sure that the MB has been infiltrated from long time by Mossad ,otherwise Mossad is a Mickey Mouse organization. I swear I got one hell of espionage plot which will make Nabil Farouk feel proud that I used to read his novels.
Speaking about allegiance , oaths , president of state and novels , this scene from Tom Clancy’s Clear and present danger.

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