Saturday, September 22, 2012

Food #Striking4Syria #Sept22 : Anyone interested in their #SOS call !??

Be with us on September 21,2012
The great strike day for Syria 
Since the beginning of September 2012 a small group of Syrian ladies , starting with 4 amazing ladies “Louisa, Lena , Laila and Rola” began a hunger strike for Syria and its children who suffer day and night. I was lucky enough to meet with these ladies and had a little chitchat with Louisa , Rola and Leila . Now today the ladies called all the women in the world too food strike just for one day in solidarity with Syria.
Our Syrian brave ladies got these 3 demands from the world  :
  • To press the world’s government in order to take real steps and to stop the daily massacres in Syria. 
  • To press the international and Arab human rights organizations in to helping the Syrian refugees in the refugee camps and to help the Syrian detainees in Al Assad’s prisons.
  • To help the Syrian injured whom many die because of the constant shelling and lack of medical supplies. The Syrian injured case is another tragedy without doubt.
By the way many people from around the world too from Syrians and other nationalists declared their solidarity and their participation in this big day for the sake of Syria.
Strikers from around the globe
From Australia 
From Jeddah
Also inside Syria Syrians in various areas especially in the multi-religious sects announced their solidarity like for instance in Damascus , Tartus and in occupied Golan too.
From Tartus 
From Golan 
Our amazing ladies got support from Egypt, Syria and Palestine’s intellectuals like famous Palestinian socialist thinker Salma Kalila who is currently in Cairo. Kalila was detained and tortured in Damascus by El Assad regime in last April 2012 before the regime kicks him out the country after living there for more than 30 years. 
Salma Kalila 

Unfortunately amidst the daily political marathon in Egypt , the mainstream media and social media in Egypt are acting as if there is none camping day and night at LAS HQ despite to be honest they are just two steps away from Mohamed Mahmoud graffiti and Abdeen Square where Hamdeen Sabbahi launched his big political current.
And again here are two messages I recorded in video from Louisa and Rola.
Facebook Page : Syrian ladies for Syria


  1. Good post and good to highlight this tragedy. I think it is time now for the ladies and bloggers such as yourself to be making loud protests to Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are arming the rebels and prolonging this torture of the Syrian land which was fine until they got involved to send Qatar Air and Gulf Air and Saudi Air 747's to Amman and Cairo and Ankara to pick up all the refugees they have created now and move them into nice apartments and give them all they need now to survive in Jeddah and Doha and Riyadh.
    It's time to shout loudly for the Saudi's and Qataris who are funding the bloodshed and arming the rebel jihadists to take responsiblilty for the hundreds of thousands of refugees they have created. Tell me! exactly how many refugees have the Qatari and Saudi governments taken in? I think you will find zero! Time to raise your voices and demand that they, rather than sending their petrodollars to jihadists and to Jordan to pay for tents, take in the majority of the refugees they helped create!


  2. Unfortunately amidst the daily political marathon in Egypt , the mainstream media and social media in Egypt are acting as if there is none camping day and night at LAS HQ london apartments


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