Saturday, September 1, 2012

When humans lose their humanity !!

I do not know what kind of title I can use but this is the simplest thing popped in to my mind when I saw this news report Pro-El Assad Al Donia TV channel aired after Darya’s massacre in the doomed city that witnessed last week one of the biggest massacres since the start of the revolution in 2011.
Al Donia aired a video report on August 25th showing the town of Daraya right after the massacre where bodies are everywhere and injured from women and children can not even speak from shock before pain !!!  It is extremely graphic video.
The most provoking and shocking part in the video how Al Donia reporter Michelin Azar walked around the dead bodies and the injured boldly asking children shocked in fear with her strong voice “Who did this !?” while they lying besides the body of their dead body.

That was the first official video filmed in the city and it shows horrible the massacre was.Of course it was a Pro-El Assad propaganda that accuses the unknown terrorist militants using dramatic music in the background !!
The fact that Michelin did not have the slightest emotion in her face or her voice while she was walking around and the smell of death and blood in her nose shock me by all measure , what kind of human she is. She lost her humanity in my point of view
Michelin Azar is being hated and attacked so much by the Pro-Revolution supporters calling her the devilish Michelin , still the Pro-El Assad supporters are defending her on the Facebook. Azar is married to Wassem Esmander; an officer in the Political security branch.Interestingly enough former Al Jazeera TV host Luna El Shabel is said to be the producer of that shocking segment.
One thing for sure Azar is blacklisted just like Libya’s Hala Masrati


  1. Michelin Azar is a Shiite tool exactly like Assad. Alawite filth.

    1. Actually Jason she is Christian

    2. She is what they call a Christian.

      God knows what that means because George Bush, Tony Blair, and the lunatic neo cons all call themselves Christian also.

      I have no idea what this Christian thing is all about except I see that for centuries I relate it to war and bloodshed and torture and empire and colonialism and death and cannibalism (eating Muslims in Mara'a) and invasion and theso called popes and their Spanish Inquisition, and burning monks and priests and destroying churches and monasteries and slavery and dropping nuclear bombs and dropping radioactive bombs and agent orange and God only knows what other horrors on earth.

      They are like Nazis!

      Oh I forgot.....the Nazis were also Christian!

      They make Assad look like Buddha in comparison!

      I am so glad to be Muslim.

      Who can be proud to call themselves Christians with such a long violent horror of a history......

    3. "The fact that Michelin did not have the slightest emotion in her face or her voice while she was walking around and the smell of death and blood in her nose shock me by all measure"

      no different to the lack of emotion in Obama or Cameron or Bush or Blair or Merkel or any other CHRISTIAN warlord if they were walking through a village that had been droned or bombed on their orders


    5. So there was no slavery in the Islamic world? LOL. It's been estimated that maybe as many as 25 million black Africans were taken into the Islamic world as slaves as well as more than a million Europeans?
      Empires and colonialism? You didn't mention the Ummayad, Abbasid caliphates or the Moghul and Ottoman Empires or is it only the white mans Empires which are bad?
      What was the alternative to dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? An invasion of Japan would have cost the lives of millions of Japanese civilians and 100s of thousands of allied troops.

    6. @Anonymous 9/02/2012 12:31:00 PM

      I agree entirely. "invasion of Japan would have cost the lives of millions of Japanese civilians and 100s of thousands of allied troops"

  2. Shocking ..Horror, I could not continue to watch the video.
    God Bless their souls.It's a nightmare (more), the Syrians are living.

  3. It seems to me that most humans on the earth have corrupted the very teachings they claim to love so much. From the compassion and love shown by the living Jesus who died for mankind's sins, to the Prophet's Sutras. All corrupted by ALL of mankind in one way or another to their own egotistical renditions which mark their own selves. Their hatreds (and I speak of even some on the comments) is what causes wars, and not individual religions, but the adherents themselves.

  4. All religions teach tolerance,modern human rights,purity of soul,and self respect,and respect of those who don't agree w/us(specifically,when we talk abt Christianity and Islam).I don't understand how both Christians and Muslims can act in such horrififying ways throughout history,in the name of each of these two religions!!!


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