Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yo Romney what about MB’s BFF from Republicans !!??

This ad found its way online. It is one of the political campaigns ads against Obama using none other than the Muslim brotherhood and Egypt.
The ad revolves about two main things : Obama helps the Muslim brotherhood and the Muslim brotherhood wants to destroy both Israel and the West.
McCain with Katanani in Cairo
Al Masry Al Youm 
Now according to all official and unofficial statements the MB , its party and current President do not want to destroy Israel at all. They respect Camp David and ready for peace more than you think at least for the current time. Economically they can not push Egypt to war now so GOP and Romney should shut up for real. Israel is currently safe.
For the record Obama did not invite the MB leaders and members alone to the States , already I think Senator John McCain visited the MB leaders in their HQ and offices in Egypt and invited their delegation to the Congress. Already McCain has been so supportive to the Arab Spring that brought Islamists in to power in Egypt and Tunisia through democratic elections as we all know.
Already as Egyptian I feel the MB already is close to the Republicans in their way of thinking when it comes to the use of religion , conservatism and capitalism. They are the other side of the coin sans nationalism as the MB as a group believes in wider Islamist Nationalism.
Oh Yes big MB’s loudmouth Safwat Hegazy is the star of that ad with his stupid words. Needless to say his statement about Jerusalem as the capital of the “United of Arab states” created controversy in Egypt. Of course the man who needs to keep his mouth shut forever claimed that he was just expressing his dreams about uniting the Arab and Muslim countries. Hegazy is a walking scandal mouth for real. I do not need to tell you how much the revolutionaries despise him.


  1. Anon says;
    The real MB (behind their advertized picture) is not against US or Israel (same like Hamas/check their departed leader's son being a Mossad agent). The main role for the MB is to create inside &outside conflicts justifying splitting Egypt into smaller entities-That will keep peace for Israel-To be a neighbour to non-stable, non advancing entity. 90 millions stable/advancing Egypt doesn't need war to control Israel. The MB is a british creation and remains that way...

  2. Morsy may well become another Saddam and Egypt will end up being invaded, that is the gameplan.

  3. Mosry is on the way to becoming another rbutal dictator like Saddam :


  5. This ad was produced by an ultra right wing US organization called 'Let Freedom Ring'which is against the Democratic party and Obama.
    As long as Arab countries do not stand up and put a stop to those who promote hate among them, the ultra rightists in the Western world will use people like Safwat Hegazy as proof for their cause.

  6. The Americans are the great Satan. I have no faith in the American people. For too long now we have seen their real face. For too long we have seen the USA controlled by Tel Aviv. For sure we are looking at WW3 in the next year because of the moronic suicidal immoral lying lunatic Israelis who rely on the stupidest nation on earth the USA as their blood supply.

  7. Let us be real for a change:
    1 - Morsy needs a Billion or more as debt
    2 - Egypt continues to need US financial
    and Military help currently around 4 Bil/Y
    3 - The Egyptian economy is at its knees
    4 - Very high Unemployment/Poverty and no
    economic growth.
    5 - Difficult to switch Camp from US to
    another superpower, so Morsy has no options
    but to rely on the US and this comes with
    for free.

    1. Just a simple question; Why ALWAYS mixing financial with so called Military Aids?? Who decides why we need military aids?? It is the roadmap for corruption contracting the US military industry . Many of those develish companies pay bribes to local decisioon makers to select them in supplying "So much needed military weopons" ..He He He! How can a country like US claims to promote peace between Israel &Egypt and ship arms to both parties It is the biggest joke being played on the simple minded Egyptians...
      When this garbage would stop??
      Make peace, promote peace , stop talking weaopons and military aids, ask for technical/agricultural/energy development instead..

  8. I see the tin foil hat brigade are out tonight

  9. Plausible points, this explains the fact that Egypt has changed its mind and asked for an IMF loan, 4 Billion if I am correct, to offset the above financial issues, but then an IMF loan comes with conditions so Morsy has no choice and with the extremists on one end, the army on another, his supporters in front and the Liberal Elite in a corner, what would Morsy do? What would you do? what would any leader do you cant please them all, something has got to give.

  10. Yes, what got to give is Egypt& ME playing stupid politics game. For example, call for real peace, Stop fighting meningless battles, creat peacfull palestinian state, turn Middle east into Super-Touristic region, set a deveolpment plan to technically forward Egypt to lead the region. Am I crazy!? or I should dream instead about MB, Salafis, Arab Mafia..etc.?

  11. Hey Anonyomous, I'm an American and I'm not a Satanist, lol. Actually, I'm a believer in Allah and God (as we say)
    So, please watch your p's and q's and don't be so rude or presumptious about people in general when you speak or spout off hatred accusations.

    As for Romney and his ad by those in his camp (like him), it's already been explained here rather well, he's a jerk and so are they. He's not going to win in November, but if he does, then all bets are off and we are all going to the "proverbial hell in a handbasket " as they say, the Mayans will have called it right afterall!

  12. oh yeah, and btw, that was an excellent appraisal of the situation all around Zee. Always a good read and always interesting to hear your opinions. :)

  13. I've never heard of Republicans being called ultra right before. So do they now call the Democrats ultra left? When will all this silly name-calling stop?

    God bless all here,



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