Monday, September 24, 2012

You Do not hear about them in the media

You will not find this news whether in Arab or International mainstream media , you will not find this news in most of the Pro-Syrian revolution Facebook Pages.
Not less 20 young men and women from Alwite sect in Homs , mainly from El Zahara neighborhood "Alwite neighborhood" in the city have been arrested and have been detained for nearly month and half by El Assad regime.
Their charge ?? Helping the Sunni neighborhoods by providing them food and medical aid and supplies !!
No one mentioned this , the Alwite sect should know about these boys and girls. Already there are thousands of Syrians from different sects and ethnics in prisons for months and nobody cares for them.
Another story you would not read in the mainstream media or even the social media.
A family pays a ransom for their kidnapped kid ,  about nearly 1 million SYL to what they believed to be Free Syrian Army "FSA" but it turned out that the one behind the kidnap is their neighbour , from their same sect , from El Assad regime loyalist.
You would not read in the mainstream media or even in the social media that the city of Tartus which is being portrayed in the media as strong Alwite capital , actually has got its own Pro-Revolution protests against El Assad.


  1. These would be news even in pointedly anti-Assad western media. I think lack of credible sources is the reason?

    1. If we are going to speak about credibility in professional wise way , we would not believe most of the news coming from Syria I believe


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