Monday, September 24, 2012

Trouble in Salafist heaven “1”

There is a big trouble in Al Nour Salafist Party , oh yes indeed that trouble already can spilt the second largest and influential Islamist political party for real.
Simply just like the Muslim brotherhood and its political am Freedom and Justice Party , Al Nour Party is the political arm of the famous Salafist Calling. The Salafist Calling movement stationed in Alexandria is one of the most strongest and influential movement for Salafists in Egypt since 1970s. It is made of the hardliner Salafist Sheikhs headed by Sheikh Yasser Borhami who strangely avoided politics and followed the ruler before the revolution. After the revolution Borhami and other Sheikhs found politics attractive enough to found a party and appear in front of the whole world as the second most organizing voting power in Egypt.
They founded Al Nour party which included novice politicians from Salafists who gained political experience in the toughest way ever  whether through scandals in the parliament or broken deals with the Muslim brotherhood.
Now it seems that Al Nour Party wants to spilt from the Salafist Movement and its control according to some sources. The Party wants to be a political one, yes based on Islamist Salafist doctrines but not based on Sheikhs orders.
Recently we started to read about resignations in almost all the branches of Al Nour party throughout the country. Then we find the party's leader Emad Abdel Ghafour announcing that the party would hold a test for its members in general knowledge and politics to avoid embarrassment but for certain reason the party did not complete its tests.
Then the media began to speak publicly about the two fronts of Borhami and Abdel Ghafur especially after the appointment of Emad Abdel Ghafur as President Morsi’s social communication advisor. We got two fronts now , Borhami’s front and Abdel Ghafur’s front. Borhami’s front is more radical , more extremist where as Abdel Ghafur seems to be less extremist , more open to dialogue to other political forces and powers including non-Islamists as well the West. Abdel Ghafur is trying to position his party as the second best option after the Muslim brotherhood and is trying to defend his party against the allegations of extremism in his own way.
There is on going war between the two fronts now on the party. I believe Borhami got too much power because of his religious role , already he is too dangerous and got too many followers and disciples still Abdel Ghafur is the president’s adviser now aside from his membership in the constituent assembly for the second time. “I bet if we have a new constituent assembly , he will be there too”
This is not the only trouble in Salafist heaven , it seems this is just the tip of the ice berg if I may say.

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  1. @Zeinobia

    Why must you blog about intra-Sunni rivalry? Who is to benefit from such blogs? Follow the money. The Shiite false Muslims of Persia would be happy with your post. Are they your taskmasters? Who else would be happy with the discord you sow?

    Haha, I am just trolling, Z. Forgive me. LOOOOL


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