Monday, October 29, 2012

I missed this action !! EAF morning training

I woke up to find all my friends on twitter and Facebook speaking about these two F16 jets that rocked the skies of Cairo and other governorate early in the morning freaking them out of their beds.
To be honest I did not hear anything and I was sleeping like a baby at 5 AM today but luckily some citizen in Shubra filmed these two annoying F16. "Old video , sorry"
After couple of hours we found Colonel Ahmed Ali , the official spokesperson posting this statement his official Facebook Page.

OK you test your toys and train your boys as you want but you have to be careful that such actions cause public panic.


  1. Yes Egypt Army Stong very. Second best planes in middle east. Strait from america once they check they aren't good enough to fight israel with. Erfa Rasak Fo.

  2. Egyptian Air Forces planes procured from the US of A are always downgraded and stripped down from their avionics and advanced cutting edge modules. I am not sure about the air defense capability but we only know about their reliability during confrontations with Israel. BTW, were the Israeli fighter jets any close to the detection range of Egyptian air defense coastal radar systems?

    1. Ahavat Eretz Israel10/29/2012 09:58:00 PM

      You can bet that Egypt cannot detect anything .-P

  3. Youtube comments suggest the video is fake/old!

  4. Aren't those plane (among other toys) the outcome of 70% so called " 2 bill.$ American aids"!!?? i.e. the bribe factory for arms dealers and politicians ??So what is the surprize exactly. How can a country promotes peace between two conflicting countries (e.g. Egypt & Israel) and at the same time persist on sending them > 1.75 $bill every year of military aids!!!?? what a joke. And you know now where the likes of Mubaraks , Ashraf Marwan, ..etc got their Millions of dollars bank accounts.
    Wake up Egypt.. Ignore war completly.


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