Monday, October 8, 2012

Regarding Morsi’s Pardon

President Morsi has officially pardoned all citizens arrested and convicted since January 28th ,2011 till June 30th,2012 “date of his inauguration” in front of military courts including the April 8th officers. This pardon is for all those crimes related to the revolution and do not ask me what these crimes are. The pardon will include only those are arrested in clashes like Mohamed Mahmoud , the Cabinet HQ.. etc.
You must know that the number of those convicted in front of military trials was already nearly 2700 after all the pardons throughout the last two years.
Why do I say some how triumph ?? Because actually this pardon will not include all the military trials convicted prisoners who should have a second chance in front of civilian courts. “I do not say that they should be released”
According to Mona Seif who launched the No for military trials campaign , this pardon is for the protests and riots related charges and not the random arrests that followed January 28,2011 where many citizens were arrested and charged of thuggery and other criminal charges in front of military trials.
Again as matter of justice they should stand re-trial in front of their judge, civilian judge.
I hate to say it but I feel that this decree is more of a bone thrown to that revolutionary class in order to cover the failure of the 100th Days program. “That was actually a challenge the MB created for themselves and nobody forced them to do”
Already there was a committee formed by presidency that includes human rights activists from two months ago regarding the military trials and it issued its recommendations in mid September 2012 to release the prisoners so why wait till October 8th !?
This decree actually will not please the public or make them angry , again it is targeted to specific class.
Now am I happy ?? Well I am glad that there are innocent  people who are free and pardoned but I am not yet happy as there is constitution drafted in limbo , there is some sort of volcano that will erupt sooner or later in Sinai and there are Christians displaced from their homes each week !! This will not make forget or ignore that circus in the stadium last October 6,2012.
By the way expect sooner or later Tantawy and Anan may face jail terms.

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  1. The pardon given by President Morsi would definitely minimize the revolution which can cause confuse, rage riots & aggravate anger. :) I hope this pardon would build a new Egypt in harmony.


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