Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Strong Egypt" party officially registers itself

"Strong Egypt" Party has officially admitted its papers to the Parties' committee HQ at the Supreme court in Cairo in a big celebratory event made by its young members. Hundreds from supporters and members came from different parts of Cairo and Giza as well from different governorates like Suez and Tanta since early morning. Chanting the slogans and the songs of "Strong Egypt" {that was made during the Presidential campaign of Abu El Fotouh} , the young supporters and members were energetic.

They came from Dakhalia governorate
 I notice that the event was being taken care of financially wise with all these flags , t-Shirts and DJ not to mention the banners.
I saw Mokhtar Noah and Rabab El Mahdy at the court before the arrival of Abu El Fotouh. The man of course was received like a hero by his supporters.

A hero reception
 Abu El Fotouh was going to hold a press conference but due to the huge crowd of fans outside the Supreme court that disturbed the midday traffic in a very busy street , he only addressed the supporters and reporters for two minutes only.

 The former popular presidential candidate said that if it were not for the revolution's martyrs , the party would not make it and that the revolution continues till its goals "bread, dignity ,freedom and social justice" are fulfilled. He also added that his party is open for all people from Islamists to Christians.
Here is the photo gallery from the event.

Needless to say being a former leading member of the Muslim brotherhood is still a charge stalking Abu El Fotouh among some secular, nationalists and leftists. They consider him as a MB in disguise that should be avoided. Well I do not know but the fact that former MB leading member and activist Mokhtar Noah is with him in the party , it assures to me that the brotherhood is a past experience for Abu El Fotouh as long as its leadership includes Khariat El Shater.
El Shater hates Abu El Fotouh and Noah so much in a way you can not imagine and it is well known actually to anyone who knows the brotherhood. Abu El Fotouh and Noah are the reformists and El Shater is from the conservative Qatubists starting with.
Anyhow people can fool themselves as they want but I know Abu El Fotouh and his party presented a report slamming the draft constitution proposed by the constituent assembly like no other party in excellent political way.
I think it is another delayed post , please forgive me these days for all belated posts.
P.S Most political figures and parties including Freedom and Justice and Constitution Party as well Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei have welcomed the official registration of "Strong Egypt" Party. 
Personally I wish all the success of both Constitution Party and Strong Egypt Party not because of ElBaradei and Abu El Fotouh but because the huge number of youth supporting these parties as political salvation for our problems.

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  1. If it were not for the lying salafists false promises to Fotouh and the Shafiq supporters we would now have Fotouh as president


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