Thursday, November 1, 2012

And No IAF jets stormed our skies officially

From two days ago Colonel Ahmed Ali, the Egyptian armed forces official spokesperson had to react quickly along with the morale department after that early EAF morning training that scared the shit out of many Egyptians in Cairo as it seems. He had to issue another FB statement denying rumors spread online that the air jets which rocked Cairo and other governorates' skies last Monday were Israeli jets !!
Ali had issued earlier a statement last Monday's afternoon about the jets announcing that they were part of a training following air defence forces.  It seems that many people did not believe it and  rumors swapped the Social media in Egypt claiming that Israel sent couple of jets breaking the sound barriers in our country as it had done in Lebanon and Gaza before !!
This rumor was enforced by a statement issued by "Officers for Revolution" FB page , the famous Pro-Revolutionary anonymous FB page claiming to be operated by a group of revolutionary officers from the Egyptian army. The page claimed that last Monday 8 IAF F15 Jets broke the sound barriers in our skies before returning back to Israel.
The army's statement says on the other hand that it is not true that 5 Israeli F35 had stormed our skies and broke the sound barriers. He also added Israel has not received yet the F35 jets which have not joined the US air forces also as it is still under development !! "Updated after the break"

Of course the "Officers for revolution" group was speaking about F15 Jets and not F35 Jets. Update : Accoridng to tweep Mohamed Kamar Al Zaman "Officers for revolution" did mention F35 Jets in their statement before altering it to F15 !!!" Ironically they claim that they got the info from Egyptian air defenses !!
With my all due respect to "Officers for Revolution" group and their concern , I got confirmation from friends who got relatives in different zones in Egypt that those Jets were Egyptians and actually they came from South to North , from Bani Sawif. I do not care if you believe me or not but I believe these sources more than Anonymous Facebook pages regardless of its affiliation and I think I have been careful in this in my blog and twitter .
It was actually ridiculous to find Shafik´s supporters sharing the statement of that FB  page when they used to attack it and accused of treason and working for the MB against the army !!!
Logically Israel will not do such action now , Egypt is not Lebanon or Gaza and this action already breaks the Camp David accords or even appears as if it is the one that started the fight with Egypt. Historically Israel did not appear to start wars with Egypt even though in 1956 there were plans and agreement with UK and France and you check back history. In two of our wars Nasser gave a good opportunity for Israel to launch an attack in Egypt in the most stupid way.
BY the way some unknown European Website claiming that the Russians got tips that Egypt is preparing a full scale war .. with Ethiopia !!


  1. I want to say something. You and others helped spread the rumours by even questioning it. What Egyptians need to start doing is to verify everything and stop this obsession with gossip and rumour. A very simple bit of knowledge about Eritrea, (because remember it was the Sudan incident that sparked this whole fiasco off in the first place,) and Israelis having a base there would have been evidence enough to realise that those jets that bombed Sudan came from their Eritrean base. It's very disheartening to see Egyptians so easily send crazy by gossip and rumour which to be honest most times is so ridiculous no one outside Egypt would believe for a minute : (. Time to stop this which has gripped Egypt for decades. Bloggers like you need to realise your contribution to the rumours spreading because you should have before posting done a little research into the Eritrean base.

  2. Zeinobia your link about the Russians and Ethiopia is a Hasbara false internet page.

    You of all people should know that the Isreaelis create these pages which if you click on any of the other buttons you get spam and viruses!!!!!!!!

    They have created tens of thousands of these false internet pages to spread their propaganda!!!!!!!

    The internet is flooded with these hasbara created false what are supposed to look like real new pages!!!!

    Click on your link and then on the home button or any other button and see.

    It's well known and they have been doing it for ages!

    NEVER believe any website news source like this until you check it's contact details,click other buttons on that page, because if it sounds ridiculous then it 99% will be!

    The Israelis get paid to do this kind of thing and to alter internet content on sites!!!

    Here this is what they do.

    In fact you could make a post about it. It is something clearly that Egyptians should be aware of.

  3. I can believe it was the Egypt Air Force but how stupid to make such an exercise. I live in Roushdy, Alex and it scared the hell out of when I was woken at 5.50 AM. In my experience it was a fighter jet at no more than 200 m height travelling at high speed. Not supersonic as that would have broken windows everywhere but the noise was tremendous.

    Frankly anyone who authorised such a manoeuvre needs to be sacked.

  4. The economy is spiralling down, fights between Muslim and Copts are erupting, personal security is eroding - what's to be done? Easy! Let's bash Israel.

  5. @Anonymous11/01/2012 01:03:00 PM, that website isn't a hasbara site. It's some kind of a European nationalist site. They are anti-Zionist as you can see of you look here:

    where they have stories with titles like "Radical Israeli settlers vandalize Christian monastery" and "CIA considers Israel one of its biggest spy threats" and "Lobby in Washington Ensures America Does Israel’s Bidding". And many more.

  6. I can't believe it was training flights. Training is usually and best done away from residential neighborhoods. What a disaster it would have been to have a mishap over any of the over crowded cities.
    There is jet fuel shortage for the military , so they are not flying as many training hours as they should.
    God protected the poor souls on the ground that day.
    Once again, thanks for your blog, i visit it everyday.


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