Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shall I write or wait for another draft constitution ??

I was planning to write more posts about the draft constitution especially that I am completely convinced with what Strong Egypt Party published from objections against the draft constitution issued recently by the constituent assembly.

But today I was surprised to know that there will be a new draft constitution issued by next week, thus I thought of waiting the new draft !! Of course I am not that hopeful because according to news reports the Salafists in the constituent assembly backed up by other conservative Islamists including Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa are refusing to change anything in the draft. On the contrary they want to change it in to more conservative constitution based on their own interpretation of Sharia.

Now the presidency is holding a series of meetings to reach for an agreement about the constitution , again I doubt it will reach to anything.

Anyhow I will wait till next week , if there is new draft I will revise it carefully again in order to write my thoughts about it. if there is nothing I will write my thoughts about the current draft we have got.

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