Friday, October 5, 2012

The King is dead , Long live the King : #6Oct73 edition !!

This is an ad published in a magazine that issued by the ministry of manpower, it is called “The Work”.
On the occasion of 6 October war , we send to President Morsi , the commander of the great October victory a special salute !!!! This is not a Photoshop product !!
Source : Ehab Zelaky 
President Morsi was the commander of the great October victory !! How come !? Last time I checked Morsi was not a commander or officer of even a solider in Egyptian army during the October1973 war !! He was a student !!
We got this disease , ancient one to be precise : Hypocrisy. Indeed we do , it is part of our old ruler’s idolism.


  1. OMG! This is unbelievable! How can any Egyptian still support this man? He has not achieved anything! he is traveling around begging for money to keep his MB system afloat and now he turns impostor - same as Mubarak did before

  2. i wish he would spare us the money he spends travelling around and appointing dozens of useless advisers without even one vetern economist

  3. This is totally a photoshop!

    1. Actually it is not a photoshop , the magazine is in the newsstand and the minister evened admitted with that stupid mistake !!


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