Friday, October 5, 2012

#Syria : Save those Children “Graphic”

Aside from the daily killings in Syria targeting children and aside from the displacement tragedy , the Syrian children inside Syria are suffering from the lack of medical services and food supplies.
It is a catastrophic by all measures and I believe regardless of what is going on the ground , the international humanitarian organizations should interfere now more than ever.
Already there are horrifying photos showing sick kids who look more of skeletons than human beings in scary scene like the scene of that kid form Hama below. “Warning : Graphic”

Here is a a scene from a young boy , it is extremely graphic shot. You can see the bones coming out of him horribly. I did not publish it at first till I got more information about him. He is from El Ma’sha’ district in Homa which witnessed many attacks and massacres as usual. He is already suffering from some kind of medical condition and it is getting worse as you see. Already this boy according Facebook Pages from Homa got no house now as his poor family’s house was destroyed during a recent shelling.
This is SOS , Red Cross and UNCIEF can do something 


  1. Sorry but the mother of that child who is holding him up to the camera needs to be dragged before the courts and jailed for child abuse. What kind of a human displays a child like that!!!! Sorry Zeinobia but I am not falling for the Assad line here. This photo shows total neglect of a child by that mother. The child looks like it has some kind of spastic disorder. The wounds on it are years old marks of pressure area neglect. This is a child who cannot move and the mother has neglected his care and these old wounds are from not giving any nursing care to his pressure points ie sacrum and hips. This child is left in a bed all day and not turned to relieve pressure on the pressure points and this is the job of the mother. I nursed geriatric patients for years and was taught pressure care and we saw videos of exactly what happens when the carer does not turn the patient to relieve pressure every hour. This is exactly what the photo is showing and any doctor will tell you this. I am disgusted and appalled at the photo and no wonder the mother hides her face!!!!!!!! This is total neglect of the child. If you took the clothes off the children who the Egyptian niqab wearing mothers parade their children in wheelchairs as they walk up and down the lines of traffic begging you would see the exact same thing and same injuries. Children sitting in unpadded beds or wheelchairs being totally neglected by the mothers!!!!! Possibly this mother before the uprising used to do the same thing and drag this poor child in a wheelchair up and down traffic all day as we see here in Egypt. Assad is not to blame for this. This is pure total neglect of the child by the mother. Can you not see as she proudly displays his naked body to the cameras. What kind of an animal does that in the street with her face hidden!!!! May she roast in hell!!!!

    1. Your brain is not working fine. But you DO can go to a doctor (they can't, you stupid asshole).

  2. and as you can see from the photo this is not about starvation!!! the others are perfectly fine. The baby is fat and healthy. This is about total neglect of the invalid child by the mother who is not nourishing him or keeping him clean or looking after his poor handicapped body!!! Shame on her and no wonder her face is concealed. Her face will not be concealed however on the day she faces her creator!

  3. I think anonymous is correct. That child's condition did not happen over night.

  4. Obviously, in addition to widespread massacres it is difficult in these conditions to get necessities and this has been going for months & months. Malnutrition is bound to be seen more & more. Easy to blame the mother.

  5. Easy to blame the mother when the mother is at fault.


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