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Trouble in Salafist Heaven “Part 3” {Updated}

The founders
of MB and SC
This is my third post about what is happening in the Salafist Al Nour party from a spilt that could a very quick end to the once most successful Islamist Party in Egypt after the Muslim brotherhood’. You can my first part and second part in order to be in the loop. Update: Late Friday Nader Bakkar announced that Emad Abdel Ghafour temporarily back as the leader of the party till its elections next Thursday !!

MB Vs.Salafists : Dear we are all rascals !!

Where does the Muslim brotherhood stand from that ugly bad fight in Al Nour Party ??
Already the MB is accused of standing behind this crack in Al Nour while I do not know about how much the MB members stand between this , I know that Emad Abdel Ghafour is the President’s assistant but there are other members of Borhami’s front is his advisors team as well the Constituent assembly .  Nevertheless it seems to me that MB somehow is standing with Abdel Ghafour despite he may not be the strongest party in the fight, they may lose the bet.
Right after the disgraceful confession of Yasser El Borhami that he met Ahmed Shafik along with Ashraf Thabet and Abdel Moneim El Shehat during the presidential elections , the MB leaders and members began to attack Borhami and his company. In defense some leaks began to surface from the Salafists that also the MB leading members held meetings with Shafik as well.

The FJ paper´s headline
Last week we were surprised to find the FJP’s newspaper publishing a new shocking fact : MB strongman and business tycoon Hassan Malak met with Shafik . Oh yes the MB comes forward somehow and Malak speaks about his meeting with Shafik. Malak said that he met with Shafik in July 2011 by the request of the former PM at on Shafik’s request at common friend’s house. Shafik wanted to meet with the leaders of the MB to ask them if they would approve his presidential candidates and Malak told him he should not because “he was already burned politically”. That’s it according to Malak.
Needless to say the cross fire has not stopped yet between El Borhami boys and the MB , last week Safwat Hegazy , the loudmouth of MB Safwat Hegazy slammed El Borhami’s front demanding them to reveal the details of their visit. Hegazy continued to slam Borhami and his boys describing them as the agents of state security in the media including famous Salafist Al Nas channel. He said that actually Borhami and El Shehat “implicated” the Muslim brotherhood in to having a presidential candidate and then they abandoned them !!
Yes you read it right !! As if the guidance office takes orders from these two !!
He did not mention how Al Nour party betrayed Abu El Fotouh though for the sake of their candidate.
Of course the channel owned by Salafist icon Mohamed Hassan had to apologize for the insults of Hegazy to the great Salafist icons like Borhami. It is not the first time that Hegazy insults the Salafists , in last May 2012 he also described them as agents of State security.
Ironically Ahmed Shafik from his self exile in Abu Dhabi claimed that Hegazy was dividing the society after his attack on Salafist Borhami’s front.
Borhami and his boys had to fire back then and we got Abdel Moneim El Shahet, the enemy of Ancient Egypt and the spokesperson of Salafist calling reminding Hegazy on how he used to praise Qaddafi in the past !!
Borhami also is defending himself claiming that he met Shafik in the same way Moses went and met the pharaoh .. ah and Shafik prays !!
Yes the dirty laundry between Salafist calling and MB began to appear.
In my point of view that fight is good and bad for the Muslim brotherhood , it is good because now the Freedom and Justice got rid from a strong electoral opponent  but it is bad because there will be other alternatives from new parties , especially one that will attract Conservative Salafists as well conservative Islamists from the FJP. I am speaking about Hazem Abu Ismail’s new party “The Nation” which will be announced later this month.
I believe the MB was angry from El Nour and the Borhami’s radical branch after what happened at the US embassy last 9/11 after all El Nour party did call the people for protesting. Strangely MB’s strongman Khairat El Shater is close to the Salafist calling.

And Religion is there as expected as usual :

As the same way religion is being used shamelessly by Al Nour Party and Salafist calling to get rid from their opponents especially from Non Islamists “and even Islamists like in case of Abu El Fotouh” in elections whether presidential or Parliamentary , religion is being used in that internal fight in Al Nour party.
Each front got its own set of Sheikhs that support it with so-called legitimate reasons of Sharia. Do not ask me why they would interfere religion in their earthly fights. 
The division in Al Nour Party is also reflected inside the Salafist calling now. Abdel Ghafour is supported by the Undersecretary council in the SC especially by Sheikh Ahmed Farid and Sheikh Said Abdel Azim. On the other the hawks of the SC are with Borhami including its chairman Sheikh Mohamed El Mokdam “He is the guy on the right of Hassan El Banna in the image used above”


  1. This is proof that mixing religion and politics is the dumbest thing a country can do. Egyptians need to forget the religious aspects totally if they are to grow and succeed and move forward from the knuckle dragging cavemen who are dragging it backwards to 2000BC

  2. Amazingly, this wise concept was mentioned in the Bible (New Testment)when Jesus adviced someone who questioned him, to give to God what God ask you to do and to Ceasar what Ceasar ask you to do; i.e. don't mix religion and politics. All historical documents and events point to the MB as being British tool to divide and conquer, same as Hamas was Israeli tool, and Salafi being American tool. But the sad thing Egyptians are hard to learn.


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