Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy #6Oct Dear Egypt

Happy 6 October war anniversary dear Egypt and Egyptians. Happy anniversary to all our great warriors who fought today to restore our stone dignity and land. This year aside from honoring Sadat and El Shazly , people began to realize that this war is no longer owned by commander but rather the unknown officers and soldiers who fought in the field.

When I read more about this war and this attack , I feel paralyzed in front of the greatness of the Egyptian people especially when I read the chronicles of the soldiers and their memories whether in those tough 6 years or in October 1973. These years , these people and that war gives me hope regardless what.

6 October 2012

Today El Shazly joined the faces recorded on Mohamed Mahamoud Graffiti walls.I hope that the governorate does not erase it.
As a graffiti now 
Amazingly Mubarak and Shafik orphans are attacking El Shazly.
Speaking about Mubarak , Ibrahim Eissa’s latest Op-ed about honoring him as a 1973 hero and it is creating controversy. Personally I am totally against ignoring or forgetting his role in 1973 otherwise we will be falling the same mistake of his regime. Personally I believe Mubarak himself erased his role in 1973 when what he had done in those 30 years including his ill treatment to the 1973 veterans.
The debate about the war and whether it was a victory or not is still there. Personally I believe it is a victory and I will not go in to a debate about this. I had enough from this discussion every year.
Now at 2 AM CLT the Egyptian army will start its celebrations all over the country including air shows and so on. President Morsi will attend the celebration at Cairo Stadium and will address the nation at 6 PM. According to MB journalists he will speak mainly about his 100 days program. The MB delegation will include the supreme guide and for the first time since his ousting in August 2012 Hussein Tantawy , the former minister of defense will appear publicly in the event.
May Allah bless the soul of all those made that day possible.


  1. You may be too young to remember, but it was this war which led to the peace between Egypt and Israel. For more than 30 years there was peace, and it is unfortunate that Mubarak did not use this period to transform the economy of Egypt.

  2. Dear Zeinobia,
    how can the anniversary of a war can be a reason to celebrate however victorious someone thinks it was? One can celebrate Sinai joined Egypt again but celebrating war? In war people and the truth always die and that should be no reason to celebrate. In fact it should let us remember all those who lost their lives and it gives us the duty to support peace and the understanding of different people and countries.

    Last but not least, war does not show the greatness of a people. It is always a loss of humanity.

  3. I dont understand why anybody still celebrates this day at all. It was not a victory for Egypt by any means. In fact, the only reason Egypt got control of the Sinai back was by the peace treaty. This war took place in 1973. Egypt did not gain control of the Sinai back until 1982 after they signed the peace treaty in 1979.

    Israel made it onto the west bank of the Suez Canal and fought all the way to Ismalia. They had an entire Egyptian brigade surrounded in the Sinai. This had been a proxy war between the US and Soviet Union anyways with the Soviets supporting the Arab coalition and the US supporting Israel.

    With so many sources out there, I cant no believe the Egyptian people do not do the research and see the truth of the matter. Egypt didnt win a war. Instead they lost all those lives for a peace treaty with Israel. A treaty that still controls their military movements in the Sinai to this day, which in turn, means Israel still has some control over the Sinai.

    Now that Egypt has the Sinai back, what have they done with it in the past 30 years? Nothing. They forgot about it and have done nothing. There is virtually not infrastructure there with the exception of a few "cities". So they lost all those lives for what? Pride? I hope it was worth it.


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