Saturday, October 6, 2012

#6Oct73 : Shady Abdel Salam's Armies of the Sun

Do not ask why we have not heard about this documentary except after the January revolution, do not ask why because I do not know why except that Mubarak did not want anything to be featured in the media in the war except his airstrike.
This documentary below is called “Armies of the sun” and it was directed by Shady Abdel Salam. “Yes the Shady Abdel Salam of the Mummy”
“Armies of the sun” was the name of the Egyptian armies during Ancient Egypt,  which was Abdel Salam's main fascination and interest.
It was produced in 1975 and it focused only on the soldiers, their memories from 1967 to 1973 from veterans and injured as well as former POWs. It is a must-watch.

Unfortunately, it is in Arabic. I hope an English translation will be available soon for this fantastic documentary.
By the way 1960s Egypt’s sweetheart Nadia Lotfy “known for her nationalist views” interviews the veterans in some scene and late Atef El Tayeb was the assistant director in that documentary.
What I love in this old documentary is how beautiful the faces of the soldiers then and how their eyes were full of pride.
You do not know how much defeat and despair Egyptians were in 1967 especially the soldiers.
I hope you enjoy it and share it as much as you can.
October war 1973
Crossing from defeat to victory 


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