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Scenes from Morsi’s #6Oct73 speech "Updated"

These are my notes and remarks regarding President Mohamed Morsi’s speech on the anniversary of 6 October 1973 ,I would like to clarify that these are totally biased subjective remarks !! This is just a warning.
Here is the longest speech Morsi has said since his election as a president in June 2012.

 Here is what I think below

Scene no.1 : The new NDP is there

It is a cultural heritage thing that goes back to the days of ancient Egyptians , the ruler of this country , this land is a pharaoh that should be idolized. It is a challenge to change this habit in just two years.
Tens of thousands , nearly 30,000 Egyptians attended Morsi’s speech or rather the armed forces’ celebration of October’s war at Cairo Stadium. It was allegedly open invitation event but unfortunately it was only open to certain parties and groups only according to journalists and witnesses .. as well evidence on our screen.

Thousands attended the event "Reuters"
Most of these Egyptians are actually members of the Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party. The MB and FJP mobilized their members from all over the country in buses that were parked all over Nasr City according to Nasr City’s residents.
We got Freedom and Justice Party as well Muslim brotherhood flags besides the Egyptian flag and do not ask me whether it is a partisan event or national event. We got youth wearing FJP and MB flag. We got the statements of security that police and republican guards to the media that they did not organize the event and that it was organized by Freedom and Justice while their only job is to protect Morsi. Several journalists reported harassments from the MB organizers already.
Cheering for the president "AP"

It was not really a celebration of October war but rather an elections conference by all measures. With Morsi’s posters and chants like “Morsi .. Morsi” every now and then to the usual MB’s salute to Morsi’s peace upon you in harmony to the automated applause whenever he speaks. “They applauded when he said Sisters and brothers right after he opened his mouth”
The first civilian president after October's victory
It was alarming scene that brought to many the memory of Mubarak , for me it was a Nasser Déjà vu along with the shameful heritage of Socialist Union that was later inherited by the National Democratic Party. I can not blame the MB because after all they were raised in this culture and were polluted enough with that way of thinking. It is alarming and dangerous by all measures.
To be fair the army and police also had their sectors in the stadium , some say that their families came too. Some also say that normal Egyptians did go to the event , I will not be surprised but the majority was MB/FJP and they did not hide that fact. They are bragging it, after all who can fill a stadium like that from political supporters all over the country like them !? Well Ultras can fill it without doubt in no time too but this is the thing , 6 October is our Egyptian national day that we forget who we are and celebrate it as Egyptians not as members of party X and party Y !!
Mubarak and NDP used to use our national days too for their own propaganda , I hate the fact we are being dragged again to this day and if we open our mouth then we are bad envious minority.
Celebrating the president instead of the war

Scene No.2 : The guests

The guests are from politicians , the president’s advisers , public figures, religious figures , parties’ representatives and Muslim brotherhood icons. I can not ignore the scene on how some of the guests I assume to be from Shura council  and MB were on fire when they saw Ahmed Fahmy , the Shura council’s “Upper House” speaker. “As well the president’s brother in law”
That scene reminded me with how Safwat El Sherif was stalked by NDP members for a bless !!
Now I can not neglect that Al Gama’a al Islamiyaa’s political party’s “Development and construction Party” delegation included none other than Tarek El Zomor who was convicted in none other than the assassination of late President Sadat on 6 October 1981 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people were ignored on how Morsi ignored Sadat in his speech and inviting El Zomor on that day in the stadium just two blocks away from the place Sadat was killed.
The guests "Reuters"
I do not care about whether Morsi mentioned Sadat or not as the late President does not need anymore recognition ,his place is already reserved in the history but I think it was wrong to invited Tarek El Zomor to attend this celebration.
Despite the early announcement , Anan and Tantawy did not show up.

Scene No.3 : The Speech 

This was the longest speech Morsi has ever said so far , amazingly. Nearly two hour with no paper "actually he had papers with numbers to help him and help us". Long speech that made me lose focus as usual and made some of my relative fell asleep than wake up in the end asking me "what did he say after subsidies talk ?"
Long speeches are not good at all. Long speech and jumping from one topic to another with a framework are bad. Praising October war then jumping to the Democratic transition and revolution then jumping to the 100 days project then to IMF loan then to the 100 project and its parts then to Christians in Rafah then back again to the 100 days project then to Sinia then slamming those who criticize him then to Palestine and Syria then it is over.
There were numbers concerning the 100 days project and honestly I feel they are unrealistic numbers.
Security is restored by 70% !!? Highly doubt it especially that last month the police seems to go back to its torture techniques.Already when I remember where was the security when the Presidency's car was stolen from Morsi's own house in Sharkia ?? Where was the security from the attacks on the public hospitals across the country ? Where was the security when Christians are displaced by mob ?? What about security in Sinai !?
Traffic is solved by 60% !!? Are you kidding me ??
The president spoke about gas cylinder and saying that its problem was solved despite the gas cylinder is still expensive in certain urban area. Yes bread is now available but other food commodities' prices are increasing.
The IMF loan is not usury according to him where as we officially began to lift subsidies from fuel.
I do not know how this speech will convince the regular average Egyptian to be honest when it is so long. Some say that he speaks to Egyptians through daily life problems and that he and the Muslim brotherhood are winning votes for the upcoming elections , well I believe Egyptians are not that naive as if there is no improvement in their lives MB can join Mubarak. Mubarak's regime also excelled in speaking in numbers !!
According to Morsi Meter he only achieved 5 out of 64 promises in his 100 days program !!


  1. Ahram: it was almost-full 70,000 capacity Cairo Stadium

  2. what I noticed was that Morsi's speeches turned into entertainment shows instead of actual speeches! I mean, he probably thought that people in the stadium won't be happy to see a 30 minute speech about one subject!

  3. Well I have to say that if Egyptians cannot stay awake for more than 2 hours, and they have an attention deficit after 15 minutes it says more about them than it does about the president.
    I watched the whole thing without falling asleep. I thought he tried to cover everything that was expected of him. Dear God if he had spoken for 10 minutes you would have condemned him also. The man cannot win can he. With this attitude it is the people who will ultimately be the losers and losers you will always be till you stop blaming others.I say God help Morsi because he needs all the help he can get to fix the catastrophe of the last 60 years but he wont get that help from most Egyptians who prefer to sit in coffee shops and whine.

  4. Morsi... the Tyrant-in-the-Making inviting murders to celebrate the 6 of October truly shows his true colors!

  5. comparing Morsi to mubarak isn't fair at all becoz he need 30 years of corruption to be like mubarak!!
    there r ppl who want Morsi to fail by all means just becoz they simply hate him and MB!!instead of complaining about his failure ,we should do our part n help him succeed!!

  6. He's running about the same as President Obama in our country, the "Obama Meter" how many promises were kept in 100 -200 days. Well, even in 265* 3yrs = lots of days. Still fewer kept then we'd ever have imagined with the mantra "Yes, we can! "

    Politicians/ boo!


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