Sunday, October 7, 2012

#6OCT73 : Wings of Wrath “Part-1”

After sharing Shady Abdel Salam’s “The armies of the sun” with you , I would like to share this very special documentary produced independently about the heroic achievements of the Egyptian air forces from 1967 to 1973 war. Unlike what you think , this documentary does not glorify Mubarak , on the contrary it focuses on the heroes of the Egyptian air forces that Mubarak did not want the public to know in order to keep the credit of heroism to himself.

From artistic point of view , this documentary is great considering the fact that it was produced independently by group of youth. This film is the product of the amazing “Group Historians 73” work for years in reviving the unknown history of October 73 war that Mubarak buried under “his first air strike”.
The documentary features Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoury by the way. This part , which is the first speaks about the Egyptian air forces right after the six days war defeat. The six days war defeat already nearly destroyed the EAF. It was another achievement to rebuild that quickly despite our resources in that time.
The second part of the documentary will be aired publicly on October 21,2012. The film is made of 6 parts as far as I know and it costed its filmmakers about LE300,000. The producers are not artists or anything but normal Egyptians.
If you watch History Channel’s “Dogfights” will like this documentary. Unfortunately it has not been translated but I think our boys will work on translating it.

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