Monday, October 8, 2012

Will Mama Maggie be the Fifth Egyptian to win a Nobel Prize ??

Mama Maggie Gobran can be the first Egyptian woman as well the Fifth Egyptian to win the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2012 according to news reports. 
Maggie Gobran whom most Egyptians do not know at all , is a Christian Orthodox nun that head a NGO called "Stephens' Children" which focuses on improving the lives of Christian poor families living in Cairo as well rural communities in Egypt.
Gorban , who comes from a high middle class in Upper Egypt used to be a Computer science teacher in Cairo University and AUC. In 1989 Maggie Gobran who is being labelled as Egyptian Mother Teresa  became a Nun.
Her NGO is currently helping not less than 250,000 families and it includes 1500 volunteer.
If Gobran wins , she will be the first Egyptian woman as well first Christian Egyptian to win the Nobel peace Prize.
President Sadat, Naguib Mahfouz , Ahmed Zewail and Mohamed ElBaradei have already won Nobel prizes for Peace , literature , Chemistry 


  1. How interesting! Thanks! to be added to my list of famous & perhaps not famous Egyptian/Maghrebi women (currently black africans are leading on this list, which is, 'why are all famous african women black not Maghrebi, considering that sub-saharan africa is poorer, often at war and generally worse place to be a woman?' list, and people from South Africa are excluded because it has a long history with UK so it is easier for them to be 'famous' here. Also the list has strange rules, like being famous in Egypt doesn't count, you have to be famous worldwide, but even if you are not famous, if you win the Nobel or something you still count...) Another problem is, most famous people leave, but are you african if you move to america? And another problem is Natacha Atlas, because she is famous in UK for a band she was in before she moved to Egypt, so i decided 'not famous'.

    She sounds like a lovely person, and if she wins maybe some egyptians will like copts more so they can 'claim' her... i was certain if Obama won in america, a lot of people will have to start liking black people more because it would be incompatible with their patriotism to hate the president... maybe. I think black/gay/strange people are more popular politicians here because they look a bit more like 'us'/normal/real. I mean, Eton??? like half the government have been to the school famous for extremely rich people...!

  2. Good day Zee,
    A really inspiring women, I hope she wins ...

    Do you have any explanation on why - though she is a follower of the Egyptian Orthdox Coptic church - she is wearing a different uniform ?? And to what monastry does she belongs??

    "Belongs" .."Belongs" .. A bad vocablury, but can't get the word ..


    1. I do not know really , already just from two hours a Christian friend told me that she is not a Nun , I think we need to more about her.

  3. Lovely woman, I hope she wins it. Deserves it I'm sure more then Barack Obama, (before he became a President) which of course, he's done nothing really much to promote peace anymore then G.W. Bush did before him. Nothing much if at all other then to put off Netanyahu and meetings with him. Which pisses everyone off in the U.S. because they love Israel over here.:( I hope she wins!!! Update date us when you learn more. :)


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