Monday, October 8, 2012

Regarding Sinai's latest death incidents

This post is just to clarify things as rumors as usual spread like fire in the Egyptian social networks and soon enough myth becomes a reality especially with non-stop hysteria we live in currently in Egypt.
First there are two accidents in North Sinai today October 8/10/2012
The first one : Police force securing a truck delivering money to NBE bank in Al Arish was attacked by two militant masked men on a motorbike. The result of that attack : One officer was killed , one was injured and one gunmen was hit and died from his injuries unfortunately. 
The second one : A CSF transport carrying over 40 CSF conscript near the Egyptian Israeli borders crushed today. The Ministry of health announced officially the death of 22 conscript and the injury of 24 conscripts. At least 8 conscripts died while they were being transferred in ambulance from the location of the crash to Al Arish hospital. The army sent its helicopters to transport the victims of the crush to Cairo. 
Now there is a confusion that came from the fact that the dead and the injured of both accidents were transferred to the same hospital. 
Transferring the bodies by Amira Al Tahawi
Personally I was shocked when I heard the death toll and started to made a connection between it and those warnings about possible operations in Sinai against security forces by Jihadists on the occasion of October war. Of course if you remember in recent years we had series of terrorist attacks at the same time we have got national occasions in Sinai. Still I use my mind and I know that roads in Sinai are hell and the CSF transport trucks are actually the bigger version of sardine cans. Let's face the fact that CSF conscripts , in fact conscripts in police and army face inhuman conditions.

Now I find people claiming that Israeli media is saying that those conscripts were killed in terrorist attack !! I checked major Israeli news sources as well twitter account and found nothing.
I am amazed on those claiming that Ch.3 in Israeli TV is saying that those 22 conscripts were killed by the Jihadists !!!!!!!!!!!! I am so amazed that no one even bothered to check the main Israeli websites or even to search in the main website of that Ch.3 in Israeli TV !!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow people here are the testimonies of North Sinai's activists and citizen journalists whom I trust like Ahmed Al Ghoul

Stop rumors for God sake.


  1. How does Egypt fix the traffic problem?
    Realistically how can it be done?

    Looking at the mess I can only say this.

    Tomorrow all laws must be enforced and that means police follow the law too.

    Next day all drivers will be issued notice to attend a European driving test which will be regulated by European police. Every driver in the country will be retested and if they fail they do not get to drive simple as that. Driving between 6 orange cones is NOT a driving test by any stretch of the imagination.

    Every vehicle will be tested according to European standards for roadworthiness. Every single vehicle will be forced to be examined by European inspectors and all who fail will have the cars taken off the road. All cars who pass will be issued with a badge to put on the windshield and any vehicle on the road without this badge the driver will get 6 months in prison.

    EVERY passenger MUST have a seatbelt on. Every child must be in a baby seat or child seat. Cars that have 4 seat belts carry no more than 4 passengers! Children under 12 will be seated in the back with a seat belt ON! Babies MUST be secured in a baby seat in the back of the car. Parents who have children in a car with no restraint will be jailed for child abuse for 1 year.

    Just those measures will take 70% of the vehicles off the roads.

    The numbers of dead and injured will fall dramatically.

    It's very simple to fix Egypts traffic problems. Egyptians NOT the president should be responsible for following the law!

    Every Egyptian speeding, driving without seatbelt, driving with children in front of car, driving against traffic, reversing up highways and the million other traffic violations will be jailed.

    One day Egyptians will learn the rule of law. One day hopefully. Then we will see less of these 'accidents'. Then lives will be saved. Then we will see the Muslims finally practice Islam. Finally! We can only hope!

  2. If only you could be right...

  3. I can't believe that some idiots find the time to write these lengthy comments that simply say that Egypt is better being occupied again by a Europian country. May be we should send Britian a request begging them to come stay in the palace and run the country.

    I have another stupid suggestion. Why not; I am also anonymous. Let us ask those Egyptian drivers to Europe. Let the police there train them and test them, and send them back after a year. We can use that year to upgrade the road and throw away those unsafe cars.

  4. @Zeinobia "one gunmen was hit and died from his injuries unfortunately."

    What's unfortunate about it? When bank robbers get killed while robbing banks surely we should celebrate.


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