Saturday, November 24, 2012

After the #Nov23 , the battle continues

Since early morning Egypt has been witnessing meetings, statements , protests , strikes and rallies.
After the announcement of judges in Alexandria and El Behaira that they will go in to a strike till the cancellation of the constitutional declaration , the Judges’ club held a general assembly where it announced a full strike all over Egypt till Morsi withdrew his declaration.
On the other hand there was a meeting in early morning between political parties in Al Wafd party. That meeting was attended by ElBaradei, Sabbahi, Badawy and partisan leaders.
It is worth to mention that that several parties began a sit in in Tahrir square till Morsi cancels his declaration. So far the parties and movements in Tahrir are : The constitution Party , Egyptian current Party, Kafaya Movement , El Adl Party, Free Egyptians party , Misr El Horreya Party, Popular Current , El Wafd Party, Social Democratic Party , April 6th Youth movement and Mina Daniel movement too. I believe more movements and independent protesters will join them.
Now the political parties and powers against the constitutional declaration called for a million man protest on next Tuesday in Tahrir square and other public squares against the constitutional declaration and police brutality. The parties participating in this protest are : The Egyptian Current , The constitution Party , The Popular socialist allaince party, The Social Democratic Party, The Free Egyptian Party, El Karma Party, April 6th Youth Movement “Both fronts”, Revolutionary socialists , The youth for justice and Freedom movement, The Free Egyptian movement, Kafeya Movement, The Free Front for peaceful change and the National front for justice and democracy.
The Islamist forces and parties from Salafists also called for a million man protest in Tahrir square on the same day to impose Sharia. Also on Tuesday the Muslim brotherhood will protest in solidarity with Morsi’s decision at Abdeen Palace. “Despite he works in Heliopolis last time I checked !!”
This means Egyptians may kill each other on Tuesday in Tahrir square and Abdeen square !!
Now interestingly the minister of justice Ahmed Mekki “once a reformist judge icon” denied his involvement in Morsi’s latest constitutional declaration in a TV show tonight. Mekki also stated that he could not be involved in articulating this constitutional declaration because  it is against his beliefs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand , was the minister of justice kept in the dark regarding this constitution declaration !?
Mekki defended himself claiming that he supported the judges in their meeting but he refused to let the rest of politicians to use that meeting as political forum !! “Your Excellency in 2008 the Judges Club was a political party , did you forget that !!??”
On the other hand Pakinam El Sherkawy , the President’s aide for political issues says that she already knew about this declaration for nearly a week !!!
Now more President’s advisers are resigning per day from non Islamists. After Samir Marcus, the President’s aide for democratic transition’s resignation , Sakina Fouad resigned. Writer and Journalist Farouk Gowida also resigned from both being a president’s advisor and member in the constituent assembly.
The resigned president’s advisers say that they were kept in the dark regarding this declaration.
The Salafist front began to rethink its position after seeing people’s anger , there is news that the front suggests that the president rethinks about the controversial articles in the declaration.
Former MB member and outspoken lawyer Tharwat El Kherbawy says that a group of independent Islamists presented an initiative to Morsi suggesting that he calls for a referendum to see what people think about that declaratoin

Now as clashes continue , we find news reports saying Presidency ordering the ministry of interior to be tough with the infiltrators in the protests !! Define infiltrators please !? The ministry of health also announced that there over 200 protesters were reportedly injured in the clashes in the past 48 hours all over the country.
Clashes are still taking place in Kasr Al Aini street as well in Mohamed Mahmoud street. Of course it is more intense and violent in Kasr Al Aini as we have seen. The field hospitals in Tahrir square are demanding supplies from the people online. You can check it @Tahrirsupplies
There is on going battle in Damanhur , Behaira governorate where CSF is reportedly using gunshots against protesters.Damanhur educational hospital reports that not less that 15 protesters were injured by gunshots.

The official Egyptian TV and radio are owned by whoever rules Egypt , this is my conclusion.
There are lots of rumors today. There is a rumor that the new public prosecutor will order the arrest of 500 activist and public figure. There is another rumor that by the end of weeks many judges will be forced in retirement. It is like a déjà Vu for the Judges Massacre in 1969. Morsi and MB are walking quickly on the footsteps of Nasser that brought nothing except the 1967 defeat.
There is another rumor that cases being reported and prepared at the new public prosecutor office to stalk Hamdeen Sabbahi, Naguib Sawiris “Free Egyptians and ONTV”, Amr Moussa , ElBaradei , Siyad Badawy “El Wafd Party and El Hayat Channel” and Mohamed El Amin “ CBC”
The Muslim brotherhood’s next target is the media.
Speaking of the judges , well they are extremely angry and united except of course the judges from the Muslim brotherhood.


  1. I don't think your TAKING perspective neutral, protesters stormed and torched MB Places (still innocent in your eyes)nonetheless against the law is something you don't stress since it is directed toward whom you think are radicals. those who burn and ransack you called protesters. Mb memebers in your eyes did everything evil. Did they attack, storm and torch. i guess we're all Egyptians, all ideological differences would never warrant violent action. Remember Kandahar big protest how much violent action reported against leftists, seculars or whoever??? who is escalating violent action? is that peaceful protest? some guys were brutally hit amid Tahrir Square only because they have salafist features (beard)/ what on earth is that. ideas confronted by ideas not violence. is this real democracy and freedom? not accepting others, different opinions is the very accusation always taunted islamists, but do seculars truly know who they realy are? i DONT UNDERSTAN why egyptians express their differences this way? isn't there a more CIVIL way? the coming days will reveal the ugly faces, and the public see who is more CIVIL. THANKS. MOHAMMAD KILANI

    1. You mean someone tramples democracy and takes over all powers, and people should tell him politely "I say, sir, you can't do that"? I bet it would be very effective.

  2. Too many 'rumours' in the post

  3. "Speaking of the judges , well they are extremely angry and united except of course the judges from the Muslim brotherhood. "

    How can you say that? You know the reform minded asscoiations and judges who opposed mubarak are clear that this is a necessary step to clean out anti-revolutionary judges. Along with the media, army, police, businessmen all of those pro mubarak elements you used to criticise these groups are seeking to derail any constioitution any elections and any move to democracy. In your heart of hearts you must see your hypocrisy here. These elements will not go quietly. Look for instance at the stock exchange losses. We know these rates are largely manipulated by "big business". So it is no surprise they are resorting to this now. Also the media is still waging a war against the revolution. Sadly those minority of revolutionaries who used to oppose all the above are now (again) siding with them because they don't believe they can really benefit from democracy (Moussa, Baradei etc). Are you really as brazen as them to imply this is an anti-democratic move to seek to tackle a corrupt judiciary, army, police, media, big business...
    The move is not democratic I grant that but the transition from a corrupt regime to a new one is complicated. It could have gone down the stalinist route. To be fair to Morsi he is trying hard to avoid confrontation and make a slow transition. We all know this is the MB preferred route.

  4. You don't seem the post the truth at all and only post rumours....... First of all if we all check the television how many are actually starting a sit in............. i only see about 15 tents and 1000 people or something ??? second of all the judges club are not the judges of egypt and especially if your talking about El zendi and his gang bang.. today most of the judges announced they will continue their work and workers union also declared their support for morsi and are protesting against sameh ashour the * Feloul* you seem only to post what's interesting to you and not the entire story truthfully ?? oh and btw the thing about the arrest of the activist and hossam eisa and sabahi etc are all rumours and even Hossam eisa himself denied it and why didn't you post about the Judges for egypt movement who declared their full support for Morsi... Please when you post a article like that post everything and not only the things that you want ;)


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