Saturday, November 24, 2012

#Tahrir : And this happens in the time of elected President !!

I thought that I would never see this ugly scene again. I thought that this scene was only in the time of the military rule whether Mubarak or SCAF but I was wrong. I am naive

This scene was aired live on Al Nahar channel which I know that the police will search for its cameras in order to stop its live broadcast. It was aired from 45 minutes ago.
I did not elect Shafik because I did not want to see this scene or even to be in this scene dragged by security forces in Cairo’s cold streets by merciless security forces.
I do not know if it is a boy or a girl , I think it is a boy and I fear that his parents could be watching without realizing that their son is being dragged and beaten like that. Hopefully insh Allah this boy will survive the beating feast he is living in right now on the hands of those sick bastards.
I hope that Human rights watch and Amnesty international are recording all this.
Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted this after seeing that horrible scene.


  1. My heart suffers while watching this. Hope he/she will survive and recover fast.

    Dear Zeinobia, this is how an autocratic regime / dictatorship works. Even in so called demoracies you can sometimes see scenes like this but they are always a reason for high caution. If you see this, fundamental human rights are in severe danger. And i'm afraid there will be no prosecution of the cops involved.

  2. So now still naiive Egyptians think of what was written in previous blogs about MB and HAMAS as being tools in bringing the Middle East into the New World Order plan, as a conspiracy story??!! Stay being naiive and enjoy Egypt's so called democracy!!!. Is there a camera in Mubarak's room to catch his smirking smile!!??

  3. Did you honestly think the MB would fix this ... haaaaaa!! They don't care about us as a people, they only care about those with an MB membership card and their form of perverted religion in order to grab and keep hold of the power, it was only ever about the power. They will maintain the past regime's tactics and add a few of their own to do this ... I think the last couple of days and 'decrees' proves this point perfectly.

  4. What the author of this article, and many others around the world, fail to understand is that representative government, often mislabeled "democracy," is a sham--Egypt, the US, the UK , all of them. There was no revolution in Egypt, merely an impressive but ultimately inconsequential ousting of one dictator for another, now followed by the electoral ruse, which, as is abundantly clear at the moment, is just another form of the old system.

    Power moving from the government to Tahrir Square, that is revolution!

    1. You are right Dave, but most people in the ME don't understant what democracy meant to achieve. If I don't have a plan to move the country forward and I present it to the Egyptians at large asking for their approval, then what is the point calling the system Democracy or Theocracy, or whatever. MB enjoys playing the game of doing nothing except arguing about religion. They are incapable of governing (if we understand what governing means). The best modelof governing Egypt had a chance and greatly lost was Muhamed Naguib. Check his approach and attitude during his short term and peoples of Egypt would learn what governing mmeans..

  5. You and your country are in my prayers. May your future be as glorious as your past.


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