Saturday, November 24, 2012

#Nov23 : There is anger all over the country

President Morsi said in the beginning of rule that he is the President of all Egyptians yet in those months due to wrong policies he is insisting on become the president of Islamists only. 
Today protests , rallies and clashes were beyond Tahrir square and Cairo amazingly and surprisingly. In fact the protesters outside Cairo were much violent and scary than in Cairo where the clashes are between protesters and security forces.
There were protests and clashes over Morsi’s latest decisions in the following governorates : Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, El Behaira , Dakhalia , Assuit, Qena , Luxor and Aswan !!!
In Alexandria angry protesters stormed and occupied then torched it the Freedom and Justice Party HQ in Al Ibrahimia area.
In front of the FJP HQ in Alex "@M_Aladdin92"
It is worth to mention that the deputy governor of Alex is none other than MB and FJP leading member Hassan El Prince. Alexandrians already say that he is the real governor. 7 cars owned by FJP members were destroyed.
Soon enough there have been clashes between the MB supporters in Alex and the protesters that turned violently. The protesters accused MB supporters of abducting some of their friends from the protesters handing them to the security forces. The security forces of course treated those detainees in the worst way ever. 
If you think burning the parties’ HQ as dangerous thing , wait till you hear about the armed clashes between the MB supporters and their opponents. The protesters from MB opponents are accusing the MB of having armed militias that attacked them yesterday with rocks, knives, swords and allegedly guns !!
People say that this guy is from MB !!?
The protesters also accused the police generals of taking the orders from the leading members of Muslim brotherhood. Several eye witnesses reported this including Ahmed El Sheikh from Alexandria “Who is a Salafist”. Of course now the students of University of Alexandria were released from detention earlier today.
The clashes between security forces and protesters also took place. The CSF fired tear gas grenades that reached in to the houses.
Tear gas in residential areas at night "@elmansi"

The protesters were reportedly anarchists who changed the flag of the party to Anarchist flag. “I am searching for photos”
There were also clashes between Morsi’s Islamist supporters and opponents at El Qaed Ibrahim mosque after Friday prayer there. 
Famous socialist veteran Abu El Ezz El Hariri and his wife were badly attacked by the Muslim brotherhood’s supporters in their car after he was accused by them of funding the thugs that attacked their HQs !!!! The former presidential candidate says that he was dragged to the clashes after receiving a phone call from the head of Alexandria´s security directorate asking him to come there.

It is kind of joke to know that El Hariri , the working class politician who owns an old bookstore and old car will fund thugs to attack other parties’ HQ.
It is worth to mention that the Facebook now is full of photos for items found in the FJP HQ that was ransacked.
Morsi got 58% of votes in Alexandria that got a strong revolutionary and Salafist voting base.
Moving to Beheira governorate , there have been clashes between the supporters and opponents of Morsi. The security forces fired tear gas grenades in these clashes. Not only the supporters of FJP and MB protected their HQs there but also the Salafists and here is an important change yesterday reported in several  governorates that armed Salafists protected FJP headquarters and attacked other protesters.
Already today the head of Salafist Calling in Kafr El Dawwar saying yesterday that the Salafist calling and the Salafists will stand against attempt to attack the HQ of FJP and Muslim brotherhood.
Update : The main HQ of FJP in Damanhur has been torched today , Saturday !! There are on going clashes there between protesters, security forces and MB supporters. There is a field hospital there and it is reporting gunshots injuries among the protesters.
Morsi got 59% of the votes there. There is a strong MB voting base in the governorate.
To Dakhalia , Mansoura the protesters tore up the banners of the FJP and the Muslim brotherhood. There was an attempt to storm the FJP HQs there but the security forces protected it. Morsi got 44% of the votes there.
In Mahla , the protesters stormed the Muslim brotherhood HQ in the city after hearing news that there are protesters detained there and were being tortured. The HQ in Mahla was damaged and ransacked.The MB members accused activist and former MP Hamdy El Fakharny of standing behind what happened to their headquarter. 
in Mahla at MB HQ "@Wessam_Hussin"
The protests continued tonight but this time the rallies headed to Al Mahla police station where as Muslim brotherhood members formed groups to protect their headquarters
In Damietta , unknown assailants attacked the protesters in front of the Muslim brotherhood HQ and the police withdrew from the scene and did not stop this attack.Morsi got 56% of the votes there.
Moving to Upper Egypt we will start with tgrieving Assuit. There have been clashes between the protesters and Morsi’s supporters. There have been reports saying that the FJP HQ was torched in the city.
Of course Morsi mentioned Assuit and its tragedy in his speech to his supporters yesterday but again it is too late. He said that he will compensate the families of Al Mandara's school bus LE 50,000 for each child killed in the accident.
The protesters in Assuit yesterday "@mohamedgad97"
The people in Assuit are extremely angry from him and believe that he cares for the children of Gaza more than the children of Assuit. The people in Assuit are furious from him and their MB governor.
Morsi got 61% of the votes in the presidential elections in Assuit. The protests continued for the second day in row and the Muslim brotherhood attacked the protesters injuring them.The MB protesters say "Morsi , you got men in your back !!!" 
One of the injured tonight "@Al7ag_3bdo"
 In Qena the fights were traditional upper Egyptian ones with Sticks “thank goodness” by the MB supporters and the protesters from another side. Morsi got 56% of the votes there.
To Aswan , there have been clashes between protesters and security forces at the FJP HQ in the city.  Morsi got 52% of the votes there. It was a late protest but a big one according to the eye witnesses.The protesters reported the members of FJP to the police after being attacked by sticks and canes
The protest in Aswan "@_Fatjoint_"
Now to Suez canal governorates , both Suez and Port Said witness very alarming clashes.
Port Said was on fire for real  last night. There was an attempt to storm the FJP HQ in Port Said last night just like Alexandria but armed Salafists unleashed attack on the protesters. According to eye witnesses these Salafists got automatic guns and came in tracks. There were many injured in these clashes. No police was found.
The protesters at FJP before the attack "@ostaz_cheetos"
Morsi got 46% of the votes there.
In Suez the protesters attacked the Muslim brotherhood HQ in the city with rocks and Molotov cocktails. The protesters also attacked the FJP HQ in Suez and there have been clashes between and the Salafists who appeared suddenly to protect it.The protesters accused MB supporters of using gunshots and bird shots against them.
One of the injured from bird shots

Morsi got in Suez 63% of the votes. Suez got a strong Salafist voter base already.
Ikhwan Online , the official Arabic website of the MB “that should be closed ASAP for the amount of radicalism, hate and incitement” main office was attacked too by so-called unknown assailants.
Ironically and sadly Essam El Arian , the deputy chairman of the FJP claimed that no one stormed his party’s HQs in the governorates !!!!! At the same time other leading figures in his party were asking the ministry of interior to protect their HQs and to arrest those assailants.
Yesterday the ministry of health reported that the official number of protesters reached to 56, of course I highly doubt it as it could be higher considering the amount of violence in Alexandria and in Port Said.
Big changes start small.
BY the way Saad El Shater , the son of Khairat El Shater tweeted the following today
They burn the Muslim brotherhood HQs !?? Do not they know that HQs of MB is in the hearts of its members !!!


  1. I just discovered your blog and I thank you for the information you provide. Living in the United States it is difficult to imagine the challenges the Egyptian people face every day. Unfortunately the news we receive is often "sanitized" and I wonder how much we don't know about what is happening there. I pray for your citizens that you will get the leadership you are fighting for. Godspeed.

  2. You quote the percentages of MB votes in all of these areas as if they are an important number in understanding whats happening ...WRONG!! The numbers were never accurate because the elections were not representing all of the population ... i.e. : 48% of what exactly? Some people didn't vote in protest, some people voted but deliberately voided their voting form, some people voted for Morsi because they were scared of Shafik ... what exactly are these numbers supposed to represent, the farce that was our "democratic" election ???? Ridiculous! Stop dwelling on the inaccurate .. the fact is that these farcical numbers are what got us into this mess today .. once again, can't resist saying WE told you so, the naivety in voting for the MB was phenomenal and is the reason so many of our fellow countrymen are being injured or killed. God help Egypt as it seems so many Egyptians didn't.


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