Friday, November 23, 2012

#Nov23 : What if they did not pray !?

The Muslim brotherhood members and supporters like Dr. Ahmed Rushdy spread on twitter rumors that the protesters in Tahrir square today did not pray Friday prayers where as the protesters or rather the President’s supporters “from mobilized Muslim brotherhood” were praying Friday and praying to God.
So as a person who believes in truth and that God wants us to be honest , as person who does not want to be a silent , I would like to share these three photos.

Already I feel silly because what difference it makes if those people prayed or not. Whether they prayed or not , whether they are Muslims or not they are citizens who got the full right to express themselves freely as long as it is peacefully.They are not less Egyptian than you for God sake. Leave the matters of God to God for God sake.


  1. الخبر الكاذب ده .. دول كانوا بيهتفوا والمسلمين في الخطبة بعد 30 دقيقة من الصلاة
    يا الصور دي متفبركة .. يا قضوها جمعة من غير خطبة علشان المظاهرة

  2. And there is the big question that the world wants to know. Will Egypt be a secular nation or one ruled by Islamic law?

    1. FFS. Congratulations, neighbor, on continuing your record of never making a single interesting comment. Can't you make yourself useful somewhere? Picking up garbage? Each profession has its legends and heroes. Tell us about the most famous garbageman of all time.

  3. That my dearest Zeinobia is a typical logical fallacy: Argumentum Ad Hominem.. Instead of addressing the grievances of the protesters in Tahrir they are instead undermining these grievances by attacking the character of these protesters. Instead of facing the legitimate concerns, they are diverting attention using a religious issue. Which disgustingly, turned out to be a lie.. Shame!

  4. The fact that you still thought that is important to show makes your last point moot

  5. hey zeinobia, My name is emily and ive read a couple of your blogs and was wondering if it would be ok if i asked you a couple questions regarding egypt, im an american and currently live in colorado. I'm really interested in learning more about Egypt becasue i hope to visit someday! if you could email me? that would be great! if not, thank you for your time :)


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